The Street Trust


To advocate for healthy and thriving communities where it is safe and easy for people to bike, walk and ride public transit.

Bottom Line for Portland

A record-breaking 12,445 riders participated in the Street Trust’s most recent Bike More Challenge, including 2,326 new riders logging trips for the first time; 265 schools participated in the Walk + Roll Challenge; and the Women Bike community grew to more than 1,000 members.

“I support the Street Trust to bring [the] Safe Routes to School [program] because when kids can safely get to school under their own power, it not only empowers them, it helps build responsible citizens and stewards for our communities.”

—Brian Schultz

Business Partners

TriMet will match the first $2,500 in G!G donations to the Street Trust. Donors of $50+ will receive a free pint from Hopworks, plus special gifts from Showers Pass and Nossa Familia Coffee.

Video provided in partnership with Roam Schooled

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