$10,299 raised from 201 donors
Goal: $10,000 from donors
The Rosewood Initiative


Rosewood’s mission is to build a safe, healthy and vibrant community where neighbors can thrive together.

Bottom Line for Portland

As one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the state, we facilitate social connections and access to services for refugees and immigrants. Our Refugee and Immigrant Hospitality Outreach program brings neighbors and newcomers together through social and educational activities to make lifelong friends and build community.

Business Partner

Support and events generously sponsored by Von Ebert Brewing.

“The women were discussing the various things they come to Rosewood for, and who among their acquaintances they see here, and they described themselves and the others as part of ‘the Rosewood family.’ For a people who have lost their homeland and are undergoing diaspora, to have an identity connected with this place seems huge to me.” —RIHO volunteer

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