Forest Park Conservancy


As one of the nation’s largest urban forests, Forest Park contributes to our region's clean water, air and wildlife habitat. FPC protects and restores Forest Park's natural environment, leads educational hikes and rallies hundreds of volunteers to maintain park trails.

Bottom Line for Portland

Last year, FPC recruited and trained 1,000 volunteers who maintained more than 40 miles of trail, removed 2 acres of ivy by hand and planted 1,200 native trees and shrubs. It also led more than 30 hikes, teaching about ecology, plants, birds and history.

As a frequent trail user, I want to give back to the place that gives me miles of happiness. Maintaining trails is incredibly rewarding (and loads of fun). I know my donations to FPC support protecting our beautiful Forest Park.” —Erin Fitzgerald, FPC volunteer

Business Partners

BPN will donate $500 on a designated day when 20 donors under the age of 35 donate to FPC through G!G. Donors of $50+ will receive one dozen doughnuts or two chai drinks from Pip's Original Doughnuts. Donors of $300+ will receive one pair of Keen shoes (while supplies last).


How far does a $10 donation go with your organization?

$10 allows FPC to rake a quarter-mile of trail that keeps the streams clear and the trails safe to use.

How far does a $50 donation go with your organization?

$50 helps FPC recruit and train 20 volunteers.

Oregon Cultural Trust Nonprofit Partner

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