Forest Park Conservancy


To protect and foster the ecological health of  Forest Park, maintain and enhance its trails, and inspire community appreciation and future stewardship of one of the largest urban forests in the nation as a gift for future generations.

Bottom Line for Portland

Last year, Forest Park Conservancy recruited and trained 1,000 volunteers, who maintained and repaired 47 miles of trail, removed 2 acres of ivy by hand, and planted 2,000 trees and shrubs. It partnered with the city of Portland on restoring 215 acres in the Balch Creek area and monitored restoration progress on 315 acres.

“I donate and volunteer with the Forest Park Conservancy because it’s the best way I know to give back to one of my favorite places. I’ve learned so much and love being part of the effort to restore Forest Park.” —Theresa Silveyra

Business Partners

Donors of $50 or more will receive one dozen doughnuts and two chai teas from Pip’s Original Doughnuts. Donors of $300 or more will receive one pair of Keen shoes of their choosing (while supplies last). New Outlook Financial.

Oregon Cultural Trust Nonprofit Partner

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