The Dental Foundation of Oregon


To improve oral health for Oregon’s children through a Tooth Taxi mobile dental clinic, which delivers free dental care and oral health education to low-income and uninsured kids at schools throughout the state.

Bottom Line for Portland

The Tooth Taxi goes to Portland metro  area schools in communities where many children have limited or no access to dental care. In 2015, it saw 308 children, supplied 329 appointments in Portland and provided $201,742 in free dental care.

“The Tooth Taxi provides essential services to children who would otherwise go without. At Woodlawn Pre-K-8 School, dozens of children enjoyed the benefit of excellent, caring and free dental care. Just imagine the beautiful smiles on the children’s faces!”—Cindi Swingen, assistant principal, Abernethy K-5 School

Business Partners

G!G donors of $100 or more to the Dental Foundation of Oregon will receive one box of Loloz anti-cavity candy from HealthyGrid. Moda Health and the Oregon Dental Association will match all employee contributions.

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