Tucker Maxon School


To teach deaf and hearing children to listen, talk, learn and achieve excellence together. Our goal is to help every child reach their full potential in school and life. 

Bottom Line for Portland

Tucker Maxon is providing a comprehensive academic education to 105 students this year, 37 of whom are deaf or hard of hearing. All students who are deaf receive onsite audiology and speech language pathology services, as well as individual instruction in learning to listen and talk. G!G funds provide financial aid to children in need.

“We didn’t know what was possible for our daughter, who is deaf, until we came to Tucker Maxon.” —Amy LaCroix, Anna Joy’s mom

Business Partners

An anonymous donor will match the first $5,000 in G!G donations to Tucker Maxon. Donors of $100 or more will receive a $25 certificate to Reverend’s BBQ. The first 100 donors of $25 or more will receive a scoop of Ruby Jewel Ice Cream. All TMS donors will be entered in a drawing to win four tickets to a Trail Blazers game.

Oregon Cultural Trust Nonprofit Partner

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