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Thriving rural communities need strong economies, wholehearted commitment to taking care of the land and water, and top-notch learning opportunities. We work with Oregon's rural communities to create strong economies and healthy landscapes through land stewardship, education and job creation. We accomplish this by working with our partners, community and you.

Bottom Line for Portland

Climate change and the pandemic have created long-term challenges for both urban and rural communities. Through collaborative, science-driven approaches, we are working to restore economic vitality to the communities across northeast Oregon along with restoring ecological resilience to forests, grasslands and rivers they depend on. Durable conservation is dependent on community involvement and equitable benefit. In this time of crisis, it is imperative that we rebuild resilient social, ecological and economic systems in an integrated, inclusive and equitable way.

“The results are evident everywhere you look, the benefits of this collaborative effort of people with all different kinds of goals being able to come to solutions that benefit people, and benefit the land, benefit the water. It’s just very beneficial.” —Clint Krebs, Krebs Livestock

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