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Goal: $8,000 from donors
Wallowa Resources


Our mission is to empower rural communities to create healthy landscapes and strong economies through land stewardship, education, and job creation.

Bottom Line for Portland

Climate change creates long-term challenges for urban and rural communities. WR’s stewardship economy model invests in people and the land so all Oregonians benefit from fire resilient forests, clean water, and locally sourced food. Through collaborative, science-driven approaches, we restored 400,000 acres and provided 600 rural and urban youth outdoor learning opportunities.

Business Partner

Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt

“The results are evident everywhere you look, the benefits of this collaborative effort of people with all different kinds of goals being able to come to solutions that benefit people, and benefit the land, benefit the water. It’s just very beneficial.” —Clint Krebs, Krebs Livestock

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