$4,062 raised from 60 donors
Goal: $15,000 from donors
Welcome Home Coalition


Secure adequate and dedicated funding for affordable housing for all communities in the Portland metro region; connect people to a regional housing movement to advocate for systemic change to end houselessness; and engage, train and empower community members to advocate for inclusive housing policies.

Bottom Line for Portland

Welcome Home Coalition has increased affordable housing funding by $270 million in three years in the city of Portland, creating affordable homes for almost 2,000 people who are the least well-served. WHC will build back 3,900 homes serving 12,000 people in the next five years by advocating for a regional housing bond.

“My affordable home is important to me because I can live safely inside, pay my rent, and my grandkids can visit. We need more homes like mine so people like me can avoid homelessness and separation from their families. I’m working with Welcome Home to tell my testimony to legislators, so they can support more affordable housing in my community.”

—Connie Johnson, Northeast Portland resident