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Western States Center


Western States Center connects and builds the power of community organizations, and challenges and transforms individuals, organizations and systems to achieve racial, gender and economic justice. We seek a future where everyone can live, love, worship and work free from bigotry and fear.

Bottom Line for Portland

These times call for nothing less than a 21st century civil rights movement. When bigoted hate groups provoke violence on our streets, we fight back by building movements, developing leaders, shifting culture, and standing up for inclusive democracy. Our efforts led to the unanimous City Council resolution condemning white nationalism, white supremacy and alt-right hate groups. And when the Trump administration unleashed extreme, armed federal security forces in an effort to silence our voices, we rose up to say NOT IN PORTLAND. NOT ANYWHERE.

“Whether we proclaim the Jewish refrain of defiance ‘Never Again,’ or the African American call for justice that ‘Black Lives Matter,’ what we mean is: room to breathe—the right to live, love, worship and work free from bigotry and fear. Our communities deserve no less.” —Eric K. Ward, executive director, Western States Center

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