Wild Salmon Center


To conserve healthy wild salmon rivers for the benefit of wildlife, communities and economies. WSC is working to protect key parts of the Tillamook, Clatsop and Elliott state forests, ensuring they continue to provide clean water, wildlife habitat and recreation.

 Bottom Line for Portland

WSC helped stop the privatization of the Elliott State Forest—an important precedent, as public lands are threatened throughout the West. Keeping state forests like the Elliott and Tillamook public safeguards recreation opportunities and vital ecosystem services for all Oregonians.

I’m proud to support WSC’s work to conserve the forests, rivers and outdoor recreation areas that make Oregon such an amazing place to live. Our public lands and resources are gifts for the next generation, and they deserve our protection.” —Nat Parker, CEO, moovel

Business Partners

All G!G donors to WSC will receive a 40-percent-off coupon to Patagonia Portland and entered to win waders and boots. Donors of $250+ will receive a Patagonia bag ($130 value). Mountain Rose Herbs, Outdoor Project.



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