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Wisdom of the Elders Inc.


Wisdom of the Elders Inc. records, preserves and shares Native American oral history, cultural arts, language concepts, and traditional ecological knowledge of indigenous elders, scientists and cultural leaders in collaboration with tribes, environmental organizations, government agencies and educational institutions. 

Bottom Line for Portland

Wisdom of the Elders Inc. shared their documentaries at 12 public film screenings across the state; executed a summer Native Youth Leadership training for 12 youth; developed and implemented "Discovering Yidong Xinag (the old wisdom)" science educational curriculum for eight Oregon schools to align with SB 13; and provided workforce development for more than a dozen low-income Native American adults.


Give $25 or more for a chance to win one of ten Wisdom gift bags that will include a Canvas tote, T-shirt, sage, and Native made salves and dreamcatchers, among other items)!

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Give $500 or more for a chance to win a Native Hand drum, made by Philip Montana (Crow/Member of the Fools Soldiers Society of the Lakota, Charger camp, Cheyenne River)!

“Wisdom is a portal into Indian Country, with rich relationships into sacred landscapes and Native Elders’ stories. Wisdom’s diverse partnerships show we can co-exist through common threads as responsible stewards for future generations. I have a deep sense of pride as Wisdom fulfills its original mission of sharing Indigenous knowledge.” —Columbia River Elder Sarah Night-Bear Queener-Plourde

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