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Friends of Willamette Week


Friends of Willamette Week supports independent, local journalism.

Bottom Line for Portland

There’s no better way to keep a city vibrant—and forward-looking—than to pay attention to its core institutions. That’s one of the vital roles of serious local journalism. Willamette Week provides more than 300,000 newspaper and 2.5 million digital readers the information they need to make their worlds more understandable and enjoyable. And so we ask that you consider joining the 6,400-plus members of Friends of Willamette Week to help us fulfill our mission.

“Few things are more critical to a sound public life than solid reporting. That's why Willamette Week now reaches more readers in the city of Portland than the daily newspaper. Friends of Willamette Week allows us to sustain that effort.” —Mark Zusman, editor and publisher

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