Youth, Rights & Justice


Youth, Rights & Justice is a nonprofit law firm defending the rights of vulnerable children and families in Oregon through advocacy in the courts, Legislature, schools and community.

Bottom Line for Portland

YRJ represents more than 1,000 children annually in the courts and schools—children who are in foster care, recovering from trauma, from low-income families, experiencing abuse and neglect, living with disabilities, and racially and culturally diverse.

“I remember being outside of court a lot—27 times over seven years. My attorney was great with us kids. She plowed through any barrier. We were super lucky, especially because so many kids fall through the cracks.”

—Shannon, adopted from Oregon foster care

Business partner

YRJ donors of $250+ will be entered to win a fencing birthday party or team-building fencing soiree for up to 16 people at the Northwest Fencing Center.

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