YWCA of Greater Portland


Eliminating racism and empowering women through a variety of programs, from domestic violence services to support groups and resources for incarcerated parents.

Bottom Line for Portland

In 2016, the YWCA of Greater Portland reached more than 24,000 people, including providing support to incarcerated women and their children, domestic violence survivors and seniors. It also hosts weekly events and workshops through its Social Justice Program.

“You not only saved my life, but you saved my family! Thank you for being there for me and helping me dream, love and live again."


Business Partner

Fully will match the first $10,000 in G!G donations; donors of $10+ will be entered to win prizes. Donors of $250+ receive a Tic Toc Stool; $500+ will receive a Jarvis Bamboo Desk; donors of $1,000+ will receive a Capisco Standing Desk Chair. All levels are cumulative. See for further details.

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