Creative Expression

15 Nonprofits
2,118 Donors
$255,897 Given so far

Oregon Cultural Trust Partner
Chamber Music Northwest $8,650 raised so far.
Inspire listeners through concerts celebrating the richness and diversity of chamber music, performed by artists of the highest caliber.
Oregon Cultural Trust Partner
The Circus Project $30,605 raised so far.
Utilize the unique power of circus arts to transcend social barriers and inspire personal transformation while contributing to the development of circus as an art form. The Circus Project serves a diverse community through a public academy, professional performances and a spectrum of social circus programs.
Oregon Cultural Trust Partner
CoHo Productions $17,941 raised so far.
Broaden perspectives and cultivate empathy through vibrant and intimate theater productions. CoHo nurtures and supports Portland-area artists through a model of theatrical co-production, creating opportunity for artists and projects that fall outside the typical regional and community theater models
Oregon Cultural Trust Partner New!
Disjecta Contemporary Art Center $3,976 raised so far.
Build ambitious programs that promote artists and engage communities. Since 2000, Disjecta has presented a dynamic mix of visual and performing arts to Portland and beyond while ensuring all its art exhibits are free and open to the public.
Oregon Cultural Trust Partner
Independent Publishing Resource Center $18,790 raised so far.
Facilitate creative expression, identity and community by providing individual access to tools and resources for creating independently published media and artwork.
Oregon Cultural Trust Partner
KBOO Community Radio $18,731 raised so far.
As an independent, member-supported, noncommercial, volunteer-powered community radio station, KBOO embodies equitable social change, shares knowledge and fosters creativity by delivering locally rooted and diverse music, culture, news and opinions, with a commitment to the voices of oppressed and underserved communities.
Oregon Cultural Trust Partner
Literary Arts $19,161 raised so far.
Engage readers, support writers and inspire the next generation with great literature. With a 32-year history of building community around literature, Literary Arts offers diverse programming that serves Oregon’s readers and writers of all ages and across all demographics.
Oregon Cultural Trust Partner
My Voice Music $15,970 raised so far.
Engage youth in music and performance to promote self-esteem, social skills and emotional expression.
Oregon Cultural Trust Partner New!
NW Film Center $6,765 raised so far.
Encourage the study, appreciation and utilization of film arts in the Pacific Northwest through exhibition, education and opportunities such as low-cost equipment access, fellowships and mentorship.
PDX Pop Now! $6,182 raised so far.
Stimulate and expand participation in Portland’s vibrant music community through a variety of programs, from a free, all-ages music festival and production of an annual compilation of local music to bringing workshops and performances to local schools.
Oregon Cultural Trust Partner
Portland Playhouse $34,288 raised so far.
Create a space where people of all social, economic, racial, sexual and political backgrounds can come together to celebrate the complexity of the human experience through theater. PPH produces professional shows in a neighborhood setting, engages in community outreach initiatives and offers dynamic educational programs.
Oregon Cultural Trust Partner
Vibe of Portland $26,020 raised so far.
Empower Portland’s underserved youth through art and music, and inspire the next generation of creative leaders. Through partnerships with eight underserved schools and Vibe’s Art Studio, Vibe provides high-quality, engaging music and fine-arts education by connecting students with local professional artists and musicians within their communities.
Oregon Cultural Trust Partner New!
White Bird $13,350 raised so far.
Bring the best Portland-based, regional, national and international dance companies to Portland through presenting established and emerging companies and choreographers and commissioning new work from regional and national artists.
Oregon Cultural Trust Partner
Write Around Portland $15,015 raised so far.
Change lives through the power of writing by bringing free creative writing workshops to prisons, shelters, senior centers, schools, hospitals and treatment facilities. Following a workshop season, Write Around Portland publishes the stories of each participant in a professionally designed anthology and hosts community readings to celebrate these stories that all too often go unheard.
Oregon Cultural Trust Partner $22,613 raised so far.
Put a microphone to the best and most distinctive of Portland; to create a culturally relevant center for ideas, music and creativity in service of a more open media and more just community.

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