These nonprofits focus on human health education, care and/or advocacy.

17 Nonprofits
3,565 Donors
$640,158 Given so far

Baby Blues Connection $24,476 raised so far.
Over 15% of pregnant and postpartum women will experience some form of depression, anxiety, feelings of isolation or hopelessness. If symptoms are present in the mother, the partner has a 50% chance of experiencing symptoms. Left unchecked, depression and anxiety in either parent can affect the parent-to-child bond, potentially causing developmental issues.
Bridges Collaborative Care Clinic $12,831 raised so far.
Bridges Collaborative Care Clinic (BCCC) is a no-cost, student-run clinic that provides participant-centered and trauma-informed healthcare and social services to Portland’s houseless and vulnerable populations. Our clinic utilizes and develops the skills and knowledge of students from Oregon Health & Science University, Portland State University, and Oregon State University to assist the underserved in meeting and managing their health needs. This clinic is training a more compassionate, understanding, and altruistic healthcare workforce for future Oregonians.
Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare $37,028 raised so far.
Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare delivers whole health care—integrated mental health and addiction services, primary care, and housing—to support our communities and provide hope and well-being for those we serve. For more than 35 years, Cascadia has been the community health and housing safety net provider for Oregonians of all ages experiencing mental health and addication challenges, trauma, poverty and homelessness.
Dental Foundation of Oregon $15,020 raised so far.
The Dental Foundation of Oregon is dedicated to advancing oral health education, providing charitable care, and coordinating resources for Oregon’s children and vulnerable communities.
Farmers Market Fund $24,683 raised so far.
Farmers Market Fund makes healthy, locally grown food accessible to all Oregonians by doubling SNAP benefits at more than 20 metro-area farmers markets. Food insecurity in Oregon has doubled since the beginning of the pandemic, and BIPOC members of our communities, women, immigrants, and low-wage workers perpetually experience the highest levels of hunger. Double Up helps families bring home more fruits and veggies, gives small farmers an economic boost, and keeps food dollars in our local economy.
Friends of Zenger Farm $19,300 raised so far.
Located in Portland's most racially and economically diverse neighborhood, Zenger Farm is a social justice focused working urban farm that models, promotes, and educates about sustainable food systems, environmental stewardship, community development, and access to good food for all.
Growing Gardens $29,431 raised so far.
Growing Gardens uses the experience of growing food in schools, backyards, and correctional facilities to cultivate healthy, equitable communities. We pursue food justice through garden education; we supply the seeds, soil, tools, and advice needed for individuals and families to start growing their own fresh, healthy, and culturally-appropriate food.
The Lund Report $13,125 raised so far.
Starting with a staff of one more than a decade ago, The Lund Report now employs a team of highly respected journalists who produce high-impact stories on subjects that affect the lives of Portlanders and Oregonians. The news site offers an increasingly rare brand of independent journalism unbeholden to industry and covers many stories that receive scant attention elsewhere.
Meals on Wheels People $97,075 raised so far.
We enrich the lives of seniors and assist them in maintaining independence by providing nutritious food, human connections and social support. We also use our expertise and capacity to serve other nutritionally at-risk populations.
BIPOC-Led Organization
North by Northeast Community Health Center $54,755 raised so far.
North by Northeast is the only medical clinic in Oregon devoted to African American/Black health. We exist to improve health outcomes and advance health equity by offering primary care services and health education and promotion focused on the African American/Black community.
Northwest Mothers Milk Bank $13,556 raised so far.
Our mission is to improve the health and survival of the Northwest’s most vulnerable babies. We carry out our mission through the safe collection and distribution of human donor milk, education, advocacy and research. We believe every baby deserves access to human milk.
Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon $11,528 raised so far.
We approach hunger differently. Hunger-Free Oregon works alongside those most impacted by hunger to advocate for policy changes that address root causes of hunger, like poverty and racism, and to connect Oregonians to nutrition programs and raise awareness.
Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette $123,870 raised so far.
As Oregon and Southwest Washington’s largest nonprofit family planning and reproductive rights organization, our mission is to provide, promote and protect access to sexual and reproductive health care.
Portland Street Medicine $50,985 raised so far.
Where did you sleep last night? In Multnomah County, over 2,000 people slept outside. We bring care directly to these homeless individuals, taking the clinic to the streets. From basic primary care to connections to social services, our goal is to improve the health and wellbeing of our homeless neighbors. We envision a world where everyone, including those experiencing homelessness, has access to quality care.
Sam Day Foundation $12,780 raised so far.
Cancer remains the leading cause of disease related death to children, yet current treatments are highly toxic and somewhat ineffective. Hopeful new discoveries are decades behind that of most adult cancers. We think kids deserve better. Research funding and advocacy is how we pursue complete healing for kids with cancer. We fund promising pediatric cancer research and advocate for efficient and ethical use of research data. It's complicated, daunting, and fundamentally the right thing to do.
Sexual Assault Resource Center $15,492 raised so far.
SARC provides people in Washington County who have experienced sexual violence with 24/7 crisis intervention, follow-up services, and individual and group counseling, all confidential and free of charge, and we also offer high schools in Washington County with evidence-based sexual assault prevention education in order to work toward a world in which sexual violence does not exist. Services are provided remotely during the COVID-19 quarantine.
BIPOC-Led Organization
Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center & Foundation $84,223 raised so far.
In March, Oregon’s first COVID-19 case landed in Washington County. In the blink of an eye, we shifted our focus from inpatient care to telemedicine. Born from adversity, we rose to the occasion much like we did in 1975. We are providing critical health care in the midst of this crisis, innovating in our response by expanding testing access through the use of our mobile clinic and standing on the front-line as essential workers.
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