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“Roam Schooled is all about storytelling – it’s a podcast about hearing each other with open minds, while maintaining rigorous intellectual curiosity. We approach questions with a child’s wonder, but delve into a graduate-level study of the issues. Everything starts with a ‘dumb question’ – one that carries no assumptions with it.

The parallel with Give!Guide is that here, people focus and inform their philanthropy, starting with casual ‘base-building’ giving and then later deepening their commitment or involvement.

But when you look at that daunting list of 150 organizations (if you’re like me), you probably skip over some of them because you don’t understand what they do, or because you’ve never heard of them. Then there are a few that you think might not appeal to you interests…but you’re not really sure, is this a fair guess?

We decided to devote a season to making 150 one minute documentary videos - one for each of the Give!Guide’s participating organizations. None of these are works of art, but hopefully all are brief, candid and illuminating glimpses into the purpose and work of these amazing organizations.  Usually we were lucky enough to go behind the scenes (into the schools, prisons, fields, animal rescue centers, homeless shelters) and film some of the incredible work being done; sometimes we worked with existing footage.  For every organization but one, we went in person (this is how we do) and talked to someone actually doing the work.

The news over the past year has been tough to endure.  We needed this project; talking to these people and telling these stories restored our faith in humankind and opened our eyes to some of the greatest work being done in Portland.   I encourage you all to give until it hurts (it actually doesn’t hurt – nobody EVER regretted giving too much to worthy causes).  Then, stay involved. Volunteer. Give more. Be a part of the solution. And tell your story about your work.”

-Jim Brunberg, Roam Schooled

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