Bark’s mission is to transform Mt. Hood National Forest into a place where natural processes prevail, where wildlife thrives and where local communities have a social, cultural, and economic investment in its restoration and preservation.

Bottom Line for Portland

All of Bark’s programming is free and open to the public.

Forest Watch: Volunteer-powered timber sale monitoring and response to reduce negative impacts of logging on the ecosystem.

Rad◦i◦cle: Bark’s activist training program to provide resources in community organizing, forest ecology, and policy.

Wetland & Beaver Habitat Restoration: Volunteer-powered fieldwork to mitigate local impacts of climate change.  

Bark Alerts: An informed and engaged public is a key first step towards equitable and sustainable forest management.


“Bark has given me a way to transform my love for the forest into defense for the forest. Through their programming, I get to lead free public hikes, learn and share knowledge of forest ecology and policy, and train other volunteers. Bark helps me be a better advocate for Mount Hood National Forest.” —Mia Pisano

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Bark recognizes and is accountable to the historical fact that “environmental conservation” work is embedded in the white supremacist legacy of colonization: land theft, cultural erasure and genocide, and the systemic use of law to suppress Native sovereignty.

Bark affirms that these are the rightful homelands of the Multnomah, Molalla, Kalapuya, Chinook, Clackamas, Tenino, Wasco, Wishram, Paiute, and the many other Native people who live here and who have always lived here, who have always belonged to and cared for this land and whose bold resistance to colonial oppression should guide us all. 

Bark is in a constant process of revising and revisiting our mission, vision and strategic goals to follow an environmental justice framework that centers the sovereignty of Indigenous people and anti-racism in our approach to building the power of public influence.

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