Black Food Sovereignty Coalition

BIPOC-Led Organization


The Black Food Sovereignty Coalition (BFSC), as a BIPOC collaboration hub, we work in solidarity with Black, Indigenous, and POC (BIPOC) growers, policy makers, advocates, and educators to stabilize local and regional food systems for marginalized BIPOC communities in the Pacific Northwest. We do this by helping people and communities establish justice-driven efforts that support existing community initiatives, strengthen community food systems, transform cultural spaces, and conserve natural resources. 

The mission of the Black Food Sovereignty Coalition (BFSC) is to ignite Black and brown communities to participate as owners and movement leaders within food systems, placemaking, and economic development.  We focus on:

Food- Providing culturally healthy food, grown by our community members.

Place- Reclaiming our right to thrive in any neighborhood by connecting people to place and the opportunities to meet food needs. 

Wealth- Building foundations for wealth creation in the Black community through food and place; markets that mutually benefit Black food producers and consumers.

Bottom Line for Portland

BFSC has been a critical facilitator in the farm-to-all food system in the Portland Metro Area; one that has effectively, with continued support, worked to advance the flow of funding directed specifically to Black and Ingenious communities, farmers, growers and food-makers. With your support, BFSC can continue to expand fresh and pre-cooked food deliveries, invest in BIPOC farmers, and build programs that put BIPOC communities in positions of ownership. 


“Support the current and future needs of BIPOC farmers, growers and food makers; and join us in our larger mission to implement systems that center land conservation/sustainability, human health, climate justice, and environmental respect.”

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Black Food Sovereignty Coalition operates under Equitable Food Oriented Development (EFOD). EFOD is a development strategy that uses food and agriculture to create economic opportunities, healthy neighborhoods, and explicitly seeks to build community assets, pride, and power by and with historically marginalized communities.

Business Partner(s)

Two important parts of BFSC are the Black Futures Farm (BFF), a Black-centered production farm and community-building space in SE Portland that exists help restore the connection of Black people to the land, and the Red Black and Green Freedom Farm (RBG), a BIPOC centered production farm and community space on Wapato Island designed to promote cultural connections to the land and food as a source of healing.

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