BIPOC-Led Organization


  1. Bienestar builds housing, hope, and community for the wellbeing of Latinxs, immigrants, and all families in need.

Bottom Line for Portland

  1. Supporting our mission means that we can continue to address the local housing crisis so fewer families end up in unsafe housing, crowded living conditions, or risk becoming homeless. Bienestar is impacting Washington County by creating thriving communities, where families feel safe, seen, supported, and heard – allowing residents to focus on building their future. We believe housing is the foundation for a better life and it’s fundamental for the economic wellbeing and reduction of intergenerational poverty in communities of color.


  1. “Bienestar is an amazing nonprofit that believes in building homes and futures - and that’s exactly what they’ve done with my family.” – Gustavo Martinez, former resident that grew up in a Bienestar property and is now our Operations Manager

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  1. At Bienestar, we are committed to acknowledging and appreciating the dignity and worth of all individuals and families, which is reflected in our mission, organizational model, and our bilingual, culturally relevant services. Our equity statement holds firm our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels, and both new and ongoing projects and programs are evaluated with an equity lens by staff and the Board. In addition, every implemented project at Bienestar must address a community need and promote either their health, safety, educational or economic wellbeing.


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Business Partner(s)

  1. The support of LMC Corporation and Kaiser Permanente allows us to continue to build the hard to find two-, three-, and four-bedroom affordable apartments that are crucial for a family with children. Together, we are working toward an equitable future for communities in Washington County.
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Year Founded: 1981

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