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  1. Bienestar builds housing, hope, and community for the wellbeing of Latinxs, immigrants, and all families in need.

Bottom Line for Portland

In an increasingly unaffordable housing market, Bienestar is addressing the local housing crisis so fewer families end up in unsafe housing, crowded living conditions, or risk becoming houseless. Bienestar builds thriving communities and designs programs and services aiming to reduce intergenerational poverty among communities of color. Bienestar also focuses on amplifying the voices of our resident community – the majority Latinx immigrant and farmworker families - to ensure that the needs of this often-silenced community are communicated to our elected leaders, and reflected in the future of Washington County that we are building together.


Funds raised through Give! Guide will support Bienestar's Esperanza Fund, which helps provide Bienestar resident families with rental assistance to keep them housed during times of crisis.  


“I want to share how important living in Bienestar housing has been for me. Here, I have found an affordable place to live and it has made a great difference in my life and my daughter’s lives. 


I used to be a very shy person, but now I am very involved in my community by being a Bienestar Promotora. Being a Promotora, I help my neighbors by sharing resources with them and I believe that more of us, everywhere, would benefit from resources like these.” 


-Guadalupe Silva, Bienestar Resident and Promotora 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of Bienestar’s mission, and are reflected in the conduct of its governance and affairs through several organizational commitments: 

To acknowledge and appreciate the dignity and worth of all individuals and families; 

To invite and engage in discourse on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion; 

To honor lived experience as an important asset and prioritize representation within our staff and Board; 

To develop within its own governance, operations, and affordable housing units, policies and a discipline that addresses diversity, equity, and inclusion; and 

To promote and nurture an open and welcoming environment within its own workplace and at its affordable housing units. 


The first 200 donors who give more than $20 will receive a sticker sheet! 


The first $10,000 in Give!Guide donations will be matched by a generous gift from our business partners, LMC Construction. Thank you for helping us build a brighter future! 

$17,730 raised of $15,000 goal
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Year Founded: 1981

Tax ID: 930860753

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