Black & Beyond the Binary Collective

BIPOC-Led Organization


Black & Beyond the Binary Collective is dedicated to the healing, liberation, and safety of Black - African transgender, queer, nonbinary, and intersex (TQNI+) Oregonians.

Bottom Line for Portland

As one of the few organizations that is led by Black, queer, trans and disabled Portlanders serving those populations we bring a lived experince to the type of work we do and services we provide for our community. Donating to Black & Beyond the Binary Collective means that Black trans, queer, and disabled individuals have more specilized service delivery, cultually specific social engagment, and leadership developments opportunites from people that understand first hand the complexities of navigating the world holding similar identities. The impact of our work in the Portland metro is a more diverse, equitable and inclusive city by prioritizing those who are the most marginalized in our community.


“Even though we have access to medical interventions, we still might not get access to those because of housing. I can think of a dozen people who recovered in a shelter or were denied surgery because they didn’t have a place to recover,” Waters said. “Most of the work I do is centered around health. But housing is healthcare.” --Erin Waters, BBBC Board Treasurer

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In our work in the PUAH coalition, we are leading deeply and shifting the culture to be focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and a trauma-informed approach. We are working with individuals and communities who experience marginalization just leaving their houses and as a result, we are committed to making space to address the whole person impacted by incidents of hate. As a result of incidents collected during the uprisings in the summer of 2020, we ask the deeper question about what if we were to reframe the way we view hate crimes? What if we looked at police violence as hate crimes? This is all part of our DEI work in PUAH to focus on who is most susceptible to hate incidents; Black and indigenous folx, gender-variant individuals, women and femmes, and immigrants, refugees, and migrants.


For donors that give over $250 we will be raffling three 2.5 hour wine tasting at Abbey Creek Vineyard. This treat is for up to four people and includes a grazing platter (vegan or vegetarian upon request) and a carefully curated flight of wine from the Changemaker's personal library. 

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