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We are building an inclusive and empathetic Oregon consumer products ecosystem that values trust, relationships, and people, not just the revenue generated or capital raised, with a dedicated focus on BIPOC and women founders.

Bottom Line for Portland

While Built Oregon focuses on the consumer products ecosystem throughout the state, the center of gravity for that activity is centered in and around Portland. As such, the bulk of our organization’s efforts — from our accelerator program to Bridges to the annual Built Festival — are largely focused on supporting the BIPOC and women founders who call Portland home by connecting them with the wealth of consumer product mentorship, knowledge, and resources throughout the state of Oregon. In relation to Bridges in particular, we continue to have commitments from Green Zebra, Market of Choice, MilkRun, New Seasons, Tender Loving Empire, and World Foods to provide mentorship and shelf space dedicated to emerging BIPOC led companies. In addition to that direct shelf access, these partners are in discussions about creating consistently branded in-store displays across Portland retail locations to highlight Bridges companies.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Built Oregon staff has been involved in creating programs and opportunities for historically underrepresented communities for 4 years, but more importantly, we have looked to partner and create collaborations with culturally specific organizations from the outset. The Bridges program began as a collaboration between Built Oregon, The Portland Mercado, NAYA PDX and APANO. PIE is a member of the Inclusive Business Resource Network. Our board chair, Stephen Green, has led support efforts at all levels for Black-owned businesses, and BIPOC in general. Board member, Chris Bailey, is a business developer at Hacienda CDC/Portland Mercado. In addition to staff and board members — board members which identify as 50% women, 40% BIPOC, and 10% LGBTQIA+ — we diligently listen to the founders and leaders of companies that represent the communities we serve through our programs. Their insights and suggestions lead to programs evolving to meet their ever changing needs.


* $25-$49 gets one Ice Queen vegan paleta


Please note: All incentives will be delivered at the close of the giving campaign

Business Partner(s)

  • We are proud to support and be supported by the following Built Oregon companies who are alums of our business accelerator program:
  • * Ice Queen is the world's first vegan paleteria. (Latina owned)
  • * Exilior Coffee is focused on improving lives in Kenyan rural coffee growing communities one sip at a time. (Black owned)
  • * Tan Tan Cafe & Delicatessen has been serving authentic Vietnamese cuisine in Beaverton, Oregon for more than 20 years. (Asian and woman owned)
  • * Roons handmakes delicious coconut macaroons dipped in delicious chocolate. (Woman owned)
  • * TREW designs stylish outdoor clothing around the varying weather and demands of the Pacific Northwest.
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