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For 25 years, Caldera’s mission has been “to be a catalyst for the transformation of youth from underserved communities through innovative, year-round art and environmental programs.”

Bottom Line for Portland

A Caldera participant from 2020, camp name Bug, shared, “From Caldera I learned how to be more accepting and open minded of others and how diversity can make a community thrive.” The relationships and support Caldera provides leads to deeper engagement for students in school and in their communities long-term. Our Social-Emotional Learning framework, which guides all programming, focuses on interpersonal skills, social responsibility, multicultural literacy, interdependence, perspective-taking, and community engagement.


As a teaching artist and community organizer, there has never been a question of applying my artistry to public service; what I’m continuing to recognize is that I need the support of a studio space to facilitate that work and explore my own personal visions. Caldera provided me that support while also freeing me of the concerns of everyday oppression in the city." - Daniel Gyu, 2020


"While in Caldera for ~8 years, attending weekend intensives, single-day events, and especially summer camp, I learned that creativity feeds the soul. I find that art is something that we can always turn to when we are in stress. I have been looking at the world and Earth in appreciation for what it offers.” - Curly Fri, 2020

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The students and artists we serve are powerful changemakers in our community, yet too many are held back by unjust systems of power and resource distribution. Our programs prioritize serving those who have been most impacted by inequity and oppression. One artist shared, "I love Caldera's goal to prioritize LGBTQ and people of color in a very white state with a history of white supremacy. An institution that makes space for a queer woman of color like me is rare." 

For 25 years, we have served marginalized community members – from students of color to LGBTQ artists to students residing in foster care. To effectively serve these communities, we know DEI work must begin within. So far, we have created an equity statement, developed an equity lens/filter for decision making, formed an Equity Team and a Board Equity Committee, and continue to establish annual equity plans that guide our progress each year. Our DEI work is active and ongoing, focusing on creative expression and prominent cultural and environmental issues. Overall, we are committed to building on our work from the past 25 years, regularly requesting feedback and input from those served and acknowledging that we always have room to grow.


Incentives have been mailed to 2021 donors as of January 15, 2021.


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Business Partner(s)

This year, we are so excited to partner with Good Coffee as part of their COMMON GOOD project, which supports organizations who are working to build a better Portland for all. We are also honored to work with longtime partner, Wieden + Kennedy, for this special campaign.

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