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Caldera’s mission is to inspire and support youth from underserved rural and urban communities by awakening the potential of their creative voice.

Bottom Line for Portland

Our creative community continues to thrive because of your support. Caldera's involvement in year-round school art programs and our well-established summer program is more critical than ever. We mentor the rising generation of youth to find their voice through art education, leadership building, and natural environment immersion. For many young learners, Caldera is their first experience with creativity methods and in-nature summer learning. Caldera students from Portland and Central Oregon experience long-term mentorship, and exposure to creativity methodologies, which in turn make stronger communities—galvanizing our 28-year commitment to igniting whole-brain learning through creative practice, which has impacted over 16 thousand Caldera alumni. 

Thanks to your contributions, we can continue to share safe spaces and programs with our growing community. This is a community of alumni, art educators, artists, mentors, volunteers, and you, supporting this very special ecosystem of creativity.


“Something I've kept with me since Caldera that resonates in the work I do daily is that kindness is universal and a support system is vital. Just a simple act of kindness can really make an impact in someone’s life and when done in the presence of a strong support system, it can make waves in the wellbeing of an individual.” —Caldera Alumni

“The skills that I have acquired from Caldera have molded me into the individual that I am today. Since graduating from the organization, I have learned to take that leap of faith even when you are afraid of heights. Not knowing how something will turn out is far better than not actually trusting in yourself, and believing that you are worth the experience. —Caldera Alumni

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Caldera was founded with the simple premise that we really have to do something different for the youth of underserved communities in Portland and beyond. We acknowledged a huge equity gap in youth art programs and the creative industry, and for over a quarter century we have continued to make it better one student at a time. 

We are committed to those who are underserved because of the many systemic injustices and ongoing impact of discrimination in our country, state, and institutions present.

For our comprehensive history and Statement of Equity & Inclusion please read further here.


  • Anyone who donates to North Pole Studio or Caldera Arts on December 7th during our live community event or online will be entered into a drawing for a special Swag Basket developed in collaboration with our nonprofit partner, North Pole Studio! If you donate to both organizations on December 7th, your name will be entered twice! @calderaarts @northpolepdx

  • The first 75 donations of $50 and above will receive a custom pair of Caldera socks because you rock!


We believe in the power of creativity and those dedicated organizations that serve Portland's creative communities. This year we are honored to amplify the powers of creativity with North Pole Studio, a partner focused on increasing opportunities for artists with autism & intellectual/developmental disabilities to thrive as active members of the arts community.

We appreciate Wieden+Kennedy of Portland, our long-time creative ally for helping us develop and produce this year's awesome Caldera incentive. 

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Year Founded: 1996

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Caldera is in the Creative Expression category which is sponsored by The Oregon Cultural Trust.

They're a medium-sized organization with activities in Multnomah Co.

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