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To foster a welcoming and equitable space for music lovers that celebrates the unexpected, gives a voice to the underrepresented, and empowers our volunteer community.

Bottom Line for Portland

We’re providing a sound refuge from the chaos of the world. Our station is a communal jam zone where Portland residents from all cultural backgrounds and walks of life connect through the universal language of music. We're making accessibility a continued priority by working to expand our broadcasting reach, focusing on creating an accessible station, and providing broadcasting resources and opportunities to our diverse community who may not otherwise have access.


"I believe every city worldwide should have a radio/tv/internet show based on the simple principles applied at Freeform Portland"

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Equity, diversity, and inclusion work has driven everything we do as a community-powered radio station since the day we broadcast our first show in 2016, prioritizing BIPOC/LGTBQ+ DJ applications in outreach, selection and leadership roles, as well as prioritizing those with a lack of alternate opportunities of self-expression in schedule selection. As a station, we continually aim to provide better resources and opportunities for self-expression, identity exploration, participation, and connection, and a public platform for underrepresented voices in the metro area. As Portland community members, we aim to empower and advocate for the historically marginalized by providing on-air and online space for other non-profits who amplify and uplift the voices and causes of the diverse volunteer group that makes up Freeform Portland.


All donations of $10 or more will receive a special edition of our digital zine created by our Freeform Portland DJs and artists 

All donations of $15 or more will receive the Freeform Portland Family Cookbook filled with recipes from FFP DJs and volunteers

On 18th Nov, donate $75 or more and you could win a Moon Glyph cassettes and records goodie basket 

The first 50 donations of $20 or more on 24th Nov will receive a coupon for 13% off Roots & Crown Apothecary products 

On 30th Nov, donate $75 or more and you could win an EYRST records goodie basket

The first 30 donations of $50 or more on 8th Dec will get a voucher for a tour and tasting with Freeland Spirits 

On 16th Dec, donate $50 or more and you could win a Hausu Mountain records goodie basket 

On 22nd Dec, donate $50 or more and you could win a Nadine Records goodie basket; between December 17-22, Nadine Records will donate 20% of their sales to Freeform Portland

On 30th Dec, donate $50 or more and you could win a bundle of music from Lung Records.

Business Partner(s)

We have partnered with local independent businesses who support us and align with our principals: 

Roots & Crown Apothecary

Freeland Spirit

Modernist Spirits

NightOwl Custom Apparel


We have partnered with local and independent record labels whose artists we love and play on the airwaves: 

Hausu Mountain Records

Moon Glyph Records

Nadine Records


Lung Records

$13,151 raised of $18,000 goal
244 donations
73% of Goal


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Year Founded: 2016

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