FoodWaves cultivates food justice and access to healthy food in Clackamas County and the surrounding communities.

Bottom Line for Portland

FoodWaves is committed to serving individuals experiencing food insecurity and/or limited access to fresh, healthy food by educating members of our community on how to grow, harvest, prepare, and preserve fresh produce by using sustainable gardening techniques. For example, we teach how to seed, irrigate, feed the soil, manage pests, and harvest both efficiently and affordably. By donating to our organization, you will increase FoodWaves' ability to promote training opportunities and hands-on learning experiences that empower others through education and dirty hands!



“FoodWaves has gone out of its way to make sure they take the time to teach families and children why it is important to grow food on their own. They are incredibly generous with their time.”

April Gonalez, Enrollment Assistant at Head Start, Oak Grove


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

FoodWaves is an award-winning food justice nonprofit (Community Action Impact Award from the Clackamas County Action Board); therefore, we understand that food insecurity is often compounded for individuals who have experienced a history of inequality, both through oppression, as well as, limited opportunities to access healthy food. Our organization has specifically sought to alleviate hunger in the Metro area by improving access to healthy food for those experiencing food insecurity by providing opportunities to learn how to grow fresh, healthy produce for themselves. This opportunity to grow healthy food and be a part of a community is especially meaningful to people who have experienced barriers and obstacles in life- making a positive impact on our community’s overall health and well-being.

Business Partner(s)

Marshall’s Haute Sauce

-Marshall’s Haute Sauce brings delicious fresh and local small-batch products to those that will love them. 

Verde Cocina

-Verde Cocina is a Gluten-free, Paleo, Vegan-friendly Cafe and Catering Company. 

Soma Kombucha and Jun

-Soma is a Kombucha and Jun brewery with the motto of “feel good. Do good”. They believe in the health and wellness of our community and environment. Probiotic lovers wanted! 


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