Gather:Make:Shelter works with people experiencing houselessness and poverty through collaborative, skill-building projects in creative fields. We create relationships that bring houseless and housed people together to empower each other in new ways.

Bottom Line for Portland

We actively create opportunities for people experiencing houselessness to participate in creative projects, develop new skills, access new revenue streams and employment opportunities, and advocate for solutions to houselessness that come from lived experience.

In March 2020 we joined the C(3)PO coalition to build a community of villages that have allowed over 200 people to safely shelter-in-place during the pandemic. As Portland expands its alternative shelters we continue to grow our programming and innovate opportunities to creatively integrate villages and their surrounding communities into unified neighborhoods.

We seek out community collaborations to bridge the gap between housed and unhoused Portlanders by inspiring meaningful human relationships. Recent examples include a hygiene hub under the Morrison Bridge with Hygiene4All, an exhibition at the Russo Lee Gallery, an apparel design collaboration with Flipside Hats, and regular exhibitions and a storefront at our new HQ in NW Portland, courtesy of Killian Pacific.

Oh, and according to PDX Monthly, we’re the nonprofit “Doing the Most with the Least”!


“I believe in this project. It feels truly people-centered and walks the talk of merging art, activism, and social justice. It’s inspiring, moving, rigorous, and utterly human, addressing urgent issues through a truly creative, relational and empowering process that makes a real difference.

— Roya Amirsoleymani, curator at Portland Institute for Contemporary Art

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Due to the effects of long-standing structural racism and colonization, minority groups are disproportionately likely to experience houselessness, and disproportionately vulnerable if they do. As an organization and as individuals we are committed to dismantling racism, colonialism, and discrimination in our communities and in ourselves. We are proud to work with a kaleidoscope of people of diverse identities, and grateful for the experience, insight, imagination, and vibrancy of every individual. The things we do together, we do better.


The first 50 people to donate $150 or more will receive a $50 gift certificate from Flipside Hats!

Your donations go further—Killian Pacific is matching donations up to $2500!

Business Partner(s)

Flipside Hats has been handcrafting cool hats in the US from sustainable materials for the past 20 years. They have great taste—they recently commissioned a GMS artist, Michael Campos, to design for them!

Killian Pacific is a Portland-based real estate developer that centers community and social impact in their projects. For the past 50 years they have worked to build “places with purpose,” including the Pearl District storefront they’ve provided us since 2020, aka GMS HQ.

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