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BUILDING HOUSING. Creating Opportunity. Join Us!

We are on a mission to provide affordable housing and holistic services to individuals and families in Oregon. We believe that everyone, regardless of their background, deserves safe, stable housing, and the chance to achieve their dreams. As a Latin(o/a/e/x)-led organization, we bring forth a rich culture and an unwavering commitment to support communities of color and low-income families and individuals across Oregon.

Bottom Line for Portland

We know that safe, affordable housing is a right, not a luxury. 

We are deeply committed to providing housing opportunities that empower individuals and families, providing the foundation for individuals and families to thrive, and helping create flourishing, equitable communities.

But we don't stop there. We go beyond housing to deliver programs and services that empower and strengthen our communities, like after-school programshomeownership counselingstate-of-the-art learning centers that advance STEM, digital literacy and workforce readiness, and technical assistance for entrepreneurs to start or grow a business. Have you visited the Portland Mercado? That is one of our many initiatives to create economic opportunity and strengthen our community— and your support makes this work possible!


"What Hacienda has done for all of us here in the building, aside from giving us a place to live, is getting closer as a community. That has been so special, because many of us who live here in the building have new beginnings. A new opportunity maybe because they come from a vulnerable situation, or were houseless, or maybe like me, come from countries that are very far or very vulnerable, and this becomes a refuge for all of us, where we can live together, get along, and get ahead." - Deimis, Las Adelitas Resident


"Lo que ha hecho por todos nosotros acá en el edificio Hacienda, además de darnos un lugar donde vivir, es acercarnos como comunidad. Eso ha sido súper especial porque muchas de las personas que están viviendo acá en el edificio tienen nuevos inicios. Una nueva oportunidad. Ya sea porque estuvieron en una situación de vulnerabilidad o porque no tenían casa o porque, así como yo, vienen de países que están muy lejos o muy vulnerables, y esto es como un refugio para todos nosotros en el que podemos convivir, llevarnos bien y salir adelante. Creo que eso es lo que ha hecho Hacienda por nosotros, por mi y por toda la comunidad que vive acá.” - Deimis, Residente de Las Adelitas 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our goal is to break down barriers, advocate for and with the community, and create equitable opportunities for everyone so that they can thrive. We provide culturally adept programs and services that empower communities of color and low-income families, while also expanding our impact to support more community members in the Pacific Northwest.


Enjoy fantastic incentives when you give to Hacienda:

Matching Magic: Double Your Gift and Your Impact!: We are thrilled to partner again this year with The Winquist Family who will generously match the first $10,000 donated to Hacienda CDC. Donate early to double your gift!


Give and Glide with Lime: Fueling Generosity One Ride at a Time!: The first 50 donors will receive $10 in Lime Scooter credits (two $5 coupons). Get ready to explore the city while supporting a great cause. 


Easy as Pie: Satisfy Your Hunger for Giving with Sizzle Pie!: The first 250 donors will receive a free slice card from Sizzle Pie, valid at any Sizzle Pie location (except Moda Center). Delicious pizza for a good cause!


Concert Nights - The Perfect Encore for Your Generosity!: On November 1st & 15th, and December 13th & 31st, the first donor to give $50 or more on each of these Big Give Days will win a pair of tickets to any show at Wonder Ballroom between January 1st, 2024 - December 31st, 2024. Thanks, Wonder Ballroom!



Tacovore is all in for Hacienda this Give!Guide! Enjoy a special cocktail on their menu from Nov. 1st through Dec. 17th, with 25% of every cocktail sold donated to Hacienda. But that's not all! On Wednesday, December 6th, Tacovore  (3707 NE Fremont) will donate a percentage of all sales (dine in, take out, and online) to Hacienda!  


Lime is kicking off Hacienda's Give!Guide campaign with a $2,500 contribution and donating $500 in ride credits as an incentive to donate. Lime Access offers discounted rides to low-income Lime riders, providing safe, green, and individualized transportation for everyone. We loved seeing residents learn more at our Back to School Fair at Las Adelitas in August! Thank you, Lime!

Sizzle Pie

Sizzle Pie is offering a delicious incentive for Give!Guide donors to Hacienda and highlighted Hacienda in their Sauce Heart Campaign earlier this year. Thank you, Sizzle Pie!

Wonder Ballroom

Wonder Ballroom has generously donated tickets to inspire folks to give to Hacienda. We also appreciate your ticket donations earlier this year for staff appreciation – you rock!  Check out Wonder Ballroom's website for upcoming shows.

In addition, we have tremendous partners who work with Hacienda throughout the year. and want to give many thanks for the incredible work we do together. Our impact wouldn't be possible without you all.  A heartfelt thank you to all of you!

$37,979 raised of $50,000 goal
259 donations
76% of Goal


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Year Founded: 1986

Tax ID: 930979064

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