Haymarket Pole Collective

BIPOC-Led Organization


Haymarket Pole Collective is a grassroots organization fighting for safer and more equitable home and workspaces for Black, brown, Indigenous, and or transgender sex workers and sex workers of color in Oregon.

Bottom Line for Portland

We ask for local adult business’ solidarity in ongoing education and policy transparency in regards to race and gender. In addition, Haymarket Pole Collective offers food assistance, legal referrals, STI testing, Trimet/Hop passes, Bi-annual microgrants, giveaways, holiday toy drives, diaper drives, menstrual supplies, harm reduction, safer sex supplies, and covid supplies.


“I know I get to be too much with my million anxious questions, but I was never made to feel like I was a burden by anyone here. The love and acceptance and just amazing attitude in everyone involved was beautiful and if you're able, donate. Know that each cent you give goes directly into the hands of people who need it, know that you will literally be changing someone's life for the better.”

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Within the prolific history of labor organization in the adult entertainment industry, there still has been a critical neglect and care for Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and transgender sex workers. 

Haymarket Pole Collective is a collection of autonomous sex workers, whose aim is to protect and support vulnerable peoples who are often neglected in traditional labor organizing by demanding the prioritization of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and transgender sex workers. 


In June 2020, we spearheaded the PDXStripperStrike, a movement centered in the improvement of fair working conditions, contracting comprehension, and scheduling practices for dancers in the Portland Metro Area.


For every donation to Haymarket Pole Collective you will receive a free coffee from Jerusalem Rose Market. 

Business Partner(s)

Jerusalem Rose Market, located in NE Portland, is an affordable and abolitionist focused Palestinian market that carries Iraqi, Syrian, Lebanese, Northern African goods. http://instagram.com/jerusalemrosemarket

$6,900 raised of $10,000 goal
101 donations
69% of Goal
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Year Founded: 2020

Tax ID: 93-0386984

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