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Our mission at Hunger Fighters is to provide reliable access to nutritious food and essential hygiene supplies in an inclusive and accepting environment.

Bottom Line for Portland

Food insecurity is a systemic issue that exists in all communities. Everyone is welcome at Hunger Fighters: we have no income or zip code requirements, which means that we support households from all over the Portland metro area. All guests can shop once per week for nutritious shelf-stable and fresh foods, as well as essential hygiene and cleaning supplies (which are not covered by SNAP). In the coming year, our priority is to increase our offerings of fresh, healthy foods - your contributions can help us make this happen!


“Like countless others, circumstances for me have been challenging these past few years, yet I still didn't believe I needed ‘that kind of help.’ I was making enough money to pay rent but we were still struggling with other expenses…On the urging of a friend who had visited Hunger Fighters before, I decided to venture out and to give them - and myself - a chance. To all those out there thinking, ‘this isn’t me' - that's ok. Think of it this way: needing help is not a label or an identity. It's just a fact of life and everyone experiences it. Hunger Fighters has been a lifeline for my family. It's given us the comfort and ability to breathe again knowing we are going to be ok.” - Anonymous

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Hunger Fighters recognizes that food insecurity and hunger disproportionately affect racial and ethnic minorities, and that food insecurity will only be eliminated when its root causes are addressed. Our pantry is open to anyone, which means that our interactions, practices and policies must seek to uphold the highest standards of DEI principles. This is a prioritized area of growth, repair and learning for Hunger Fighters.


The first $2,000 in donations to Hunger Fighters will be matched by one of our generous supporters.


Use the code HFO when you shop for the holidays at Kelly's Jelly & you'll receive 15% off your order. Kelly's Jelly ships so send your friends and family a delicious, locally made treat!


Donate $100 or more to Hunger Fighters to receive a complimentary Intro Package from Eastside Kettlebell Collective - a foundations/intro class plus two weeks of free classes at their fun, community-focused and inclusive gym in inner SE Portland.


Bumblebee Flowers & Tea in Lake Oswego is offering a cup of tea and a slice of tea cake to everyone who donates $25 or more to Hunger Fighters. 




Kelly's Jelly is a small, local, woman-owned business - and dedicated partner and supporter of Hunger Fighters!


Eastside Kettlebell Collective is a safe, inclusive and welcoming gym community in the heart of SE Portland. 

$12,035 raised of $15,000 goal
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Year Founded: 2014

Tax ID: 81-3611988

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