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Our mission is to prevent homelessness by partnering with people as they navigate their journey to stability and opportunity. 

Bottom Line for Portland

Impact NW is 100% committed to solutions that restore the livability and sustainability that the Portland region is so well known for. Our driving solution is to prevent homelessness. It’s a simple yet powerful focus. By helping people get the supports they need at the critical moment, we help them avoid a crisis. Everyone benefits, whether they realize it or not.

One health crisis; emergency room visit, or a lost job can land a family in a shelter or in a tent. The trauma is devastating. Everyone in our community suffers. Impact NW supports people before it’s too late in two main ways: We stabilize by offering services such as rent, utility and other supports. And we strengthen by offering job training, parenting support, and opportunities for children.


“Sometimes it's not helping people BECOME capable, it's helping them SEE that they ARE capable. Amanda, I think slowly over time is seeing she is an incredible parent.”
— Juju, Family Support Specialist

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Last year, Impact NW supported more people at the edge of homelessness and hardship than ever before, with a focus on Indigenous, Black, Brown, and Asian communities. Impact NW believes it is not enough to simply be “not racist.” Instead, as an organization, we commit to doing everything we can to
eliminate racism.


We are dedicated to ensuring equitable outcomes for all Impact NW program participants. For that reason, all Impact NW staff sign an anti-racism statement and commit to engaging in anti-racism work. Impact NW provides staff with training and resources to engage with diverse communities intentionally and authentically. 


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