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The mission of the IPRC is to nurture collaboration, creativity, and community-building through writing, printmaking, & publishing. We provide equitable access to tools, resources, and unconditional support to Portlanders to share their stories & the causes closest to their hearts through the production of independently-published books, prints, posters, zines, and comics. 

Bottom Line for Portland

The IPRC supports writers & artists by providing access to learning opportunities, a Zine Library with over 20,000 zines, and a shared studio space equipped with self-publishing tools and printmaking resources suited for the creation of short-run publications including zines, artbooks, comics, fliers, broadsides, and other print ephemera. Oftentimes  studio resources of this kind are found in university settings or in private studios that are out of reach and prohibitively expensive for most artists. By donating to the IPRC you ensure people of all ages have access to this one-of-a-kind resource to create the kinds of publications that expand what a book is, and what a book can be!


“The IPRC is a rare oasis from capitalism—a place where everyone is invited to make art, to share their story, and to support the people around them. The IPRC has built a community of artists who are cheering each other on and who are collaboratively building the city—and world—that we want to live in.”

— Sarah Shay Mirk, IPRC Community Member, Zine Maker, Graphic Journalist, and Illustrator

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Values Statement

The IPRC exists to be an equalizer and to provide opportunities, tools, and resources for everyone. The belief perpetuates in the Literary, Publishing, and Visual Art worlds that the “best” art rises to the top. But we know that we don’t live in a meritocracy but a competitive capitalist system, and people don’t “make it” without a lot of resources and support. We know that talent and skill are created through practice and that talent and skill don’t discriminate. We also know that access to art-making is critical to the well-being of communities and people. This vision of a healthier Portland is what the IPRC strives to be a part of and contribute to.

Equity Statement

The IPRC has benefitted from and contributed to the centering of whiteness within the Portland arts community. It is with this understanding that we now strive to create policies and programming, and a creative environment that is attuned to the needs of Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BI/POC) communities. We wish to empower BI/POC artists to make the IPRC space their own. We commit to building a staff, board, and community driven by social justice through art. We commit to equity and inclusion as central motivators for our work. We strive to be a collaborative resource for groups who wish to join us in transforming the Portland community into the most equitable version of itself. The IPRC welcomes people of all races, ethnicities, abilities, sizes, ages, gender identities, sexualities, and citizenship statuses.


As always, all of our print incentives are made lovingly by hand, and are a great way to showcase both the artwork of Community Members, and the range of possibilities for putting ink on paper at the IPRC. Donate through the Give!Guide and renew your membership (or gift a membership, or pay forward a scholarship membership!) and get a start on your New Year’s resolution to publish that zine or learn a new skill.



$10 Limited Edition Letterpress-printed Bookmark

$25 Limited Edition Bookplates, Riso-printed at the IPRC, and perforated by the Portland Stamp Company

$50 Limited Edition Original Screenprint

$100 IPRC Basic Membership; Includes Bookmark and Bookplates

$250 IPRC Studio Membership; Includes Bookmark, Bookplates, and Original Screenprint

$500 Group or Family Membership (up to 3 individuals for Group Membership); Includes Print Incentives

$1,000 An afternoon of making at the IPRC: bring a group of up to 4 friends for a half day making buttons, zines, and bookmarks with IPRC Co-Leaders and Teaching Artists. Includes Group Membership & Print Incentives


Portland Stamp Company creates limited edition, commemorative poster stamps.

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