Miracle Theatre Group aka Milagro

OCT Qualified
BIPOC-Led Organization


Now celebrating its 40th season, Milagro provides extraordinary Latino arts, culture and heritage experiences for the enrichment of all communities.

Bottom Line for Portland

One of Milagro’s most distinguishing organizational features is that the work it produces on stage is not available in any other venue in Portland. Milagro provides a singular opportunity for the community to experience the work of writers from Latin America, serving the Latino audience that may feel cut off from its cultural roots, as well as a more general audience that is interested in experiencing the increasingly influential Latino culture.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Consciousness regarding equity, diversity and inclusion have been embedded in the DNA of the organization since its formation and are exemplified in the nature of its creative work; the content and forms by which the work is presented; its support of artists and collaborations with other organizations; the demography of its leadership, staff and constituents; and the public and communities it has chosen to serve and partner with.

Milagro’s work is both contemporary and classic; presenting both original and previously produced works; exploring theatre, dance, music and plastic arts programs that are spoken in English, Spanish and bilingual. In theme and content, the work reveals the Latino consciousness, Latinidad, —from Spain to Latin America to the US. A myriad of topics are explored--family, race, immigration, sexuality, gender, life, death, love, violence and more. Milagro’s inclusive programming sheds light on underrepresented voices and non-mainstream issues and its audience-engagement programs illuminate ideas and concerns about the issues at hand; a safe and inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are welcomed and shared is a mainstay at Milagro. 


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Year Founded: 1985

Tax ID: 930907543

Miracle Theatre Group aka Milagro is in the Creative Expression category which is sponsored by The Oregon Cultural Trust.

They're a medium-sized organization with activities in Multnomah Co.

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