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The mission of Montavilla Jazz is to support and strengthen local music culture and enrich our community by showcasing the best of Portland jazz.

Bottom Line for Portland

A proud, returning Give!Guide participant, Montavilla Jazz enriches local culture by showcasing original music made right here in Portland. With an annual festival, film series, education programs, and performances throughout the year, Montavilla Jazz engages an inclusive cross-section of musicians, collaborative artists, students, music lovers, neighbors, and businesses. Funding helps Montavilla Jazz promote forward-thinking artistry and offer platforms for risk-taking, experimentation, and the creation of new works, adding to the diversity and strength of our community.


“Montavilla [Jazz] is doing so much for the music right now, really cultivating that community-driven aspect… there’s so many crushing musicians in Portland and they should have more opportunities to play - it’s not a problem of having people to come hear the music - it’s a problem of having a place for them to go do it.” - Charlie Porter on NPR’s Jazz Night in America.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Jazz is America’s indigenous art form born out of the African American experience. We believe that jazz is relevant to all people as a connective force for education and social justice. In all areas of our work, Montavilla Jazz seeks to: include the people who reflect the community we serve; highlight members of our artist community who are less visible because of their race, gender, or other factors; provide opportunities for underserved members of our community to participate in the planning and operations of events; and recruit and hire individuals who come from groups who have been historically marginalized.


All gifts to Montavilla Jazz through the Give!Guide are entered to win 2 full festival passes to the 10th Annual Montavilla Jazz Festival in summer 2023.

All gifts to Montavilla Jazz through the Give!Guide of $50 or more are entered to win a 6-month subscription to Club Vino at Vino Veritas Wine Bar & Bottle Shop - must be 21 or older to redeem.

All gifts to Montavilla Jazz on Big Give Days, are eligible to win gift certificates ($25 - $100) to local restaurants, including but not limited to, East Glisan Pizza Lounge, Bipartisan Cafe, Redwood, Ya Hala, and more! For the specific list of prizes visit

Business Partner(s)

Vino Veritas Wine Bar & Bottle Shop - promoting the Give!Guide campaign, offering donor incentives, and contributing a portion of sales on 12/18.
World Arts Foundation - (nonprofit partner) promoting the Give!Guide campaign and collaborating on events.

$27,180 raised of $18,000 goal
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Year Founded: 2014

Tax ID: 822174157

Montavilla Jazz is in the Creative Expression category which is sponsored by The Oregon Cultural Trust

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