Open School

BIPOC-Led Organization


The mission of Open School, Inc. is to empower students who have been under-served and under-estimated. We support students on their journey to break limiting beliefs, navigate systemic oppression, and build their life goals. Our programs are built on three pillars of advocacy, equity, and academics.

Bottom Line for Portland

We serve over 300 students in the Portland Metro area who are those most impacted by educational barriers. Astonishingly, our graduation rates surpass national and state averages. How? Our curriculum acknowledges trauma, our educators mirror student identities, and our students trust us as safe havens. They receive the resources and support usually denied to them, addressing the very barriers limiting education's reach.


“I like to think of this school as my getaway from at-home problems. The teachers really take the time to understand how each one of the students’ brains work because everybody functions differently and learns differently” - Kayamanan, She/They, Open School East Student

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

When students graduate high school, they are more likely to experience stable housing, physical and mental health, and employment. Open School provides equity-based, identity-affirming programming to LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and low-income students. 


Smira Group is hosting two OPEN-Give!Guide events at local restaurants/ bars.

Garnish Apparel has donated raffle items for attendants of the events.

We are partnering with G!G nonprofit New Avenues For Youth to collaboratively share our missions via social media.

$14,075 raised of $20,000 goal
130 donations
70% of Goal
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They're a large-sized organization with activities in Multnomah Co. and Washington Co.

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