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Creating a More Humane Society.

Bottom Line for Portland

Oregon Humane Society is the largest animal welfare organization in the Northwest, with campuses in Portland and Salem, including a new Community Veterinary Hospital in Portland which is open to the community and offers subsidized care to pets and their families who qualify.

Your donation to OHS supports a wide variety of services from pet adoption, humane law enforcement, quality veterinary care, behavior training, humane education, and emergency rescue and disaster response

OHS finds homes for more than 11,000 pets each year with no time limits on how long animals receive love and care at the shelter—a pet stays available for adoption as long as needed before finding a loving home. 

The OHS Second Chance program brings more than 6,000 pets annually to OHS from other shelters around the region, alleviating space for more animals at smaller shelters. The new purposefully built Behavior and Rescue Center allows OHS to participate in large scale rescues when there is an emergency or natural disaster. 

The OHS medical team provides free and low-cost spay and neuter surgeries for thousands of pets owned by low-income families every year.

OHS educators reach more than 12,000 youths and about 2,000 adults annually through humane education programs.

In the state capitol, OHS is the driving force behind efforts to improve laws that protect animals and punish offenders. OHS Humane Special Agents, commissioned by the Oregon State Police, enforce animal welfare  laws around the state, helping protect animals from cruelty and neglect.


“The Oregon Humane Society has long been at the forefront of animal rescue and rehabilitation in the Pacific Northwest, and a leader nationwide.” US Representative Earl Blumenauer. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Central to our mission is our belief in diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of our work and service. A broad lens of equity and diversity has a positive impact on the animals in our care, and helps us better serve clients, employees, volunteers and our entire community.

We also believe that Black Lives Matter, and we join with those fighting for change and raising their voice. We believe that no one should be judged on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ability or level of income.

We believe in collaboration with other organizations and institutions within the community to help achieve the equity to which all humans are entitled.

Our commitment begins by looking inward at our hiring practices, workplace policies, accessibility of our services and approaches to marketing and organizational culture.

Oregon Humane Society is not just about compassion for animals. It’s about who we are at the core, how we treat other people and standing up for what is right.


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Year Founded: 1868

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They're a large-sized organization with activities in Clackamas Co., Multnomah Co. and Washington Co.

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