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The Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education explores the legacy of the Jewish experience in Oregon, teaches the universal lessons of the Holocaust, and provides opportunities for intercultural conversation. OJMCHE challenges our visitors to resist indifference and discrimination and to envision a just and inclusive world.

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OJMCHE provides space for the community to discuss complex topics and respectfully explore various perspectives within our diverse audiences. We educate visitors about the Holocaust and other genocides, connect the Jewish experience to larger issues of diversity and discrimination against religious, ethnic, and cultural minorities, and provide tools to study the past as a way to understand the present and to explore the future. Virtual programs – often in partnership with other organizations –respond to current issues: programs about antisemitism, Asian and Black discrimination, racism and law enforcement, debate over pioneer statues and memorials, and civil rights are at the forefront of our offerings. In these unprecedented times, OJMCHE’s role is to uncover the historical roots of institutionalized racism and to provide a forum in which to interrogate that history.


"OJMCHE means hope to me. Being a young educator and the only Latinx teacher is a heavyweight to carry on my own but seeing my school want to expand its knowledge and experiences by bringing in OJMCHE, and their Education Team’s raw but honest and kind way to walk us through unlearning and re-learning, has brought hope to my heart. Hope that our students will begin to be taught in a more inclusive and honest way, that our bias and comfortable views on the world can begin to shift in ourselves to then empower our students correctly and I am thankful for OJMCHE to have facilitated this for me."— Nathalia Parra, Portland Adventist Academy

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

OJMCHE teaches visitors how to recognize the roots of hatred, how to instill values of inclusion and respect, and how to participate in a vibrant democracy built on understanding and reconciling differences. Jewish history involves critical consideration of the ways oppression has manifested throughout history and responsible stewardship of this history means working against oppression today. We believe in the transformational power of inclusive storytelling that opens interaction with our audiences, inviting them to respond in ways that promote and provoke conversation.


Gifts of any size will get a coupon for a slice of Hot Lips Pizza and two museum guest passes. OJMCHE board member Ruth Roth is going to match the first $5000 raised. Watch for special giving days to be entered to win Blazer tickets and a Pendleton blanket.

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HOTLIPS Pizza has been a family-owned business since making Portland's first gourmet pizzas in 1984. Today HOTLIPS comprises five pizzerias in Portland, a commissary kitchen, a soda brewing operation, and a catering department equipped with mobile pizza oven. 

Pendleton is a family-owned company established in 1863 and headquartered in Portland, Oregon and for more than 100 years, they've been weaving world-class woolens in their two Pacific Northwest mills.

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