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The Oregon Native American Chamber (ONAC) supports the economic and educational advancement of Native Americans in Oregon and SW Washington, supporting Native-owned businesses and providing postsecondary scholarships to Native American young adults.

Bottom Line for Portland

This is a fight for survival. We foresee the near total decimation of the Portland area’s Native-owned small business community without continued swift and bold action from the public and private sector. Generational poverty is an inherent part of life for nearly all Native Americans. The tremendous atrocities committed against our ancestors deeply impact the daily life of those ONAC and partners serve. Donations would provide the urgent support needed to serve even more local businesses as they navigate this disaster and stand up to the crisis in front of all of us. When COVID-19 hit we leapt into action, providing Native small business “triage” statewide and particularly in the metro area. In the last few months alone we have helped over 200 Native businesses access loans, secure legal support, reach new customers, pivot business models, access technology to move online and so much more. Native businesses represent just 1.4% of all Oregon businesses and just .16% of sales receipts. The average per capita income of the state’s population is $27,684, but only $17,069 (38.3% less) for Native Americans. A positive stat: 100% of every dollar donated to ONAC creates economic opportunities for Native Americans.


“ONAC provides a voice for our community in spaces and places where representation is needed. ONAC seeks to leverage policy change strategy and to cultivate and facilitate community-based thought leaders in order to activate our community and partners toward achieving better outcomes and equity grounded in cultural competence and awareness.”

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We are not just culturally competent, we are culturally specific. We do not “partner with” or “serve” Native Americans; we ARE the populations we reach. 100% of our staff are Native American, 100% of our board are BIPOC. We lead with trust, authenticity, and a deep understanding of the community we serve based on shared lived and cultural experiences. As a culturally specific organization, our ability to create and execute "by us, for us" projects is unparalleled, and we have been a culturally specific organization since its founding. We are Oregon's only organization solely focused on a healthy and just economic ecosystem to promote small business development for Native Americans serving their local communities. Justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion are seamlessly woven into all services and programs from our peer mentorship to our events to our work with youth and more. Additionally, we are often called upon to provide guidance to non-Native agencies to help them work better and more frequently with Native Americans. We have never been featured in the GiveGuide, yet quite literally every dollar raised would wholly and directly benefit Native Americans. A stronger local Native American business community means more resilient community for us all.


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https://indigenize.shop - We are more than just a company, we’re a movement to indigenize our economies and redistribute wealth back to tribal nations and people.

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