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Outside the Frame trains homeless and marginalized youth to be the directors of their own films and lives. Our film program provides job training, a creative outlet, an audience, and a sense of dignity and possibility.

Bottom Line for Portland

Outside the Frame shows that homeless youth can thrive and change the world rather than grow up to become homeless adults. Each year, we work with over 100 youth to make films that heal trauma and support the transition out of homelessness. The films radically shift public conversation about housing, poverty and the inherent worth of all people.


“How has Outside the Frame changed my life? Oh my god. It gave me reasons to live again”
 - Makayla, program alum, now working in the film industry on projects for Hulu, Cartoon Network and HBO 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

OTF is part of the movement to defend and expand the social, political, and economic rights and voices of oppressed communities. We incorporate a social justice and anti-racist lens to all our work, through the subject matter and the voices we highlight. In Portland, BIPOC people, LGBTQ youth and people with disabilities are over-represented in the homeless youth community proportional to their representation in the general population. OTF focuses on these populations, illuminating how homeless youth are not liabilities to our city, but talented and valuable community members.


Donations of $75+ can get an OTF hoodie, while supplies last

Donors of $500+ get a screening with OTF filmmakers


First donor under 36 will get a bag of Broken Robot Coffee, the fuel of our films.

Highest donor under 36 gets a haircut from Holiday Hair Studio

Business Partner(s)

Holiday Hair Studio provides hairapy to our crew, and a free haircut to one lucky donor. 

Broken Robot Coffee fuel us and  our films. Good coffee makes for good movies!

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Year Founded: 2015

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Outside the Frame is in the Creative Expression category which is sponsored by The Oregon Cultural Trust

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