Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon


Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon envisions a future where all Oregonians are thriving, with access to affordable, nourishing, and culturally-appropriate food. To achieve that vision, we raise awareness about hunger, connect people to nutrition programs, and advocate for systemic changes.

Bottom Line for Portland

All people have the right to be free from hunger. Yet one in ten households in Oregon face challenges to putting food on the table. It doesn't have to be this way.

With a strong track record of advancing legislation and influencing public policies like the Student Success Act and Breakfast After the Bell, we work alongside those most impacted by hunger and poverty to co-create solutions. Together with many partners – and you – we win changes to bring us closer to the vision of a hunger-free Oregon.

You can help push forward our current statewide initiatives:

  •        - Eliminating immigration status as a barrier to food access
  •        - Connecting college students to benefits on campus
  •        - Ensuring free school meals for all K-12 students


If you ask me, why do I think food insecurity is such an important issue? Because everyone should have access to food not just for their survival, but so they can live. Food is more than fuel, it’s how we make friends, it’s how we express our culture, and it's a basic right for everyone.

— Hugo Ramirez-Pineda

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

To end hunger, we have to address the oppressive systems that created inequitable access to food. Every solution must acknowledge the intersectionality of hunger with racism and white supremacy culture, transphobia, homelessness, poverty, mental health, and other social issues. Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon has prioritized dismantling the dominant culture of white supremacy internally and through our programs. Today, every project we launch centers and collaborates with communities who have been impacted by hunger and poverty.


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