People of Color Outdoors

BIPOC-Led Organization


People of Color Outdoors helps to deepen the natural connection between BIPOC and nature, help BIPOC increase their level of confidence, competence, and joy when exploring natural spaces, and create a caring, BIPOC outdoors community. 

Bottom Line for Portland

We at POCO believe that having regular access to nature is something that all people should be able to do safely, free from intimidation or hostility. 

Your contribution increases our capacity to provide education and time outdoors within a healing BIPOC community of 4800 members. We thank you for your support! 



“POCO has provided me a place of belonging. I WANT to learn more about the outdoors, I WANT to be with others like me-and not quite like me. POCO has fostered a sense of safety and confidence in being different and adventurous.”

Quote from A'Jay Scipio, POCO member.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

On 9/24/2022, while walking on a trail with children, POCO members encountered a white woman that stepped off the path, turned her back to members, and covered her eyes, saying to her partner that she didn't want to see us. 

Racist encounters are not always violent, but they are always impactful and negative.

Every time POCO visits a natural space, we make that space more inclusive, and we're one step closer to creating a confident community of people who feel a sense of belonging in their world, and experience nature as a safe refuge and a healing sanctuary.


- Pamela Slaughter or another POCO leader, will offer a nature education walk at Whitaker Ponds for a group of up to 10 to the first 20 contributors of $1000 - $2000 to POCO.

PNW wood carving artist, Monica Setziol-Phillips, will contribute an original, approximately 2" x 6" magnetized art piece, hand carved by the artist to the first 25 supporters that contribute $2001 or more.


Business Partner(s)

Contributors will receive a 20% off voucher for beer at Gorges Beer in Jan,, 2023. 

$24,312 raised of $75,000 goal
339 donations
32% of Goal


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Year Founded: 2017

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