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People of Color Outdoors seeks to help deepen the connection between Black, Indigenous and People of Color and nature (BIPOC), and increase the level of confidence of BIPOC when exploring natural spaces.

Bottom Line for Portland

We at POCO believe that having regular access to nature is something that all people should be able to do safely, free from intimidation or hostility. 

Your support will empower us to offer our members more opportunities to learn about and deepen their natural connection with greenspaces, create lifelong memories, and develop healthier lifestyles. 

Help us to increase our capacity to provide nature education, teach outdoors skills and offer leadership training, which will increase member's levels of confidence and competence in nature and expand a community of over 3,000 Black, Indigenous and People of Color who are increasingly passionate about exploring, protecting and taking care of our environment.


“POCO outings are so much more than field trips. We're helping to deepen the   Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) connection to nature at least 30 times per year, which means that each year hundreds of BIPOC are newly incorporating regular time in nature as part of their  lifestyle. POCO is also helping people to discover their passion in the outdoors, whether it's advancing a new outdoors skill such as paddling, falling in love with a specific area, or becoming an advocate for nature.

Pamela Slaughter, Founder, POCO

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Due to Oregon’s racist and exclusionary past, people of color were kept from enjoying natural spaces and were denied access to swimming pools, golf courses and other public recreational spaces.

BIPOC now have the same legal access to the outdoors as White Oregonians, but in 2021, continue to experience racist encounters and hostility in natural spaces.   

Every time POCO visits a natural space, we are intentionally making that space more inclusive, and we're one step closer to creating a confident community of people who see nature as a safe refuge and a healing sanctuary. 


Donors are asked to select the one incentive they would like:
- Columbia Sportswear will contribute an Employee Shopping Pass to the first 250 contributors of $50 or more to POCO. Outdoor Clothing, Outerwear & Accessories | Columbia Sportswear

- Pamela Slaughter or another POCO leader, will offer a nature education walk at Whitaker Ponds for a group of up to 10 to the first 20 contributors of $1,000 or more to POCO.

- Pamela Slaughter, Realtor - Pamela Slaughter, Realtor - Keller Williams Realty, Portland Central | Facebook, will contribute a signed copy of “Hi! My Name is Robin!” , by Pamela Slaughter, to the first 50 contributors of $100 or more. 

Business Partner(s)

Gorges Beer Co. will give a 20% discount to anyone that contributes $25 or more to POCO. Craft Brewery in Portland, OR | Gorges Beer Co.

Pamela Slaughter, Realtor - Keller Williams Realty Portland Central 

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