People of Color Outdoors

BIPOC-Led Organization


People of Color Outdoors helps Black, Indigenous and all People of Color (BIPOC) to heal and reconnect with nature by providing frequent outings into natural spaces, environmental caretaking opportunities, environmental education, outdoors skills, and welcoming, caring time in community.

Bottom Line for Portland

Portland, and Oregon in general, is home to incredibly beautiful and healing natural spaces. Historically, BIPOC were unwelcome or even forbidden in many outdoor spaces in Oregon. Currently, legal restrictions according to race are no longer on the books, but still remain in the hearts of many. BIPOC want to heal from daily and historical traumas, and spending regular time in nature is one of the things needed to make that happen.



"In order to be completely healthy - physically, mentally and spiritually, we need to commune with nature at times. To be away from the sounds of sirens, the sight of trash, people struggling and suffering, and concrete everywhere. We need to see tall trees, and birds in flight. We need to hear a gurgling stream and to sit on a log and breathe clean air. We need to do this without the anxiety that comes from knowing you're not welcome in a space because of your color." Pamela Slaughter, Founder and Executive Director of People of Color Outdoors

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A year ago, several POCO families were walking on a wide trail and stepped, single file, to the side to allow an oncoming white couple space to pass. They didn't pass but stepped completely off the trail with hostile looks on their faces. One of them turned her back, covered her eyes and said “I don't want to see them here!” That incident reminded us that many still consider the outdoors to be a “whites only” space. Every time POCO visits a natural space, that space becomes a little more inclusive, it makes the presence of BIPOC in nature feel a little more normal, and it gets us one step closer to the inclusive Oregon that we envision. 


Pamela Slaughter or another POCO leader will offer a voucher for a nature education walk at Whitaker Ponds for a group of up to 10 to the first 20 contributors of $1500 + 



Contributors will receive a 30% off voucher for beer at Gorges Beer from Jan, 2024 - March, 2024. 

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Year Founded: 2020

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They're a little-sized organization with activities in Clackamas Co., Multnomah Co., Washington Co. and beyond.

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