• Politisit’s mission is to increase civic engagement by parents and caregivers through childcare reimbursements. It's a simple model: the client sets up childcare to participate in a civic meeting or activity and we reimburse the costs within 48 hours via Paypal or 10 days by check. We work with 1) individual families that arrange childcare to attend a meeting, 2) partner nonprofits that host childcare at their meetings, and 3) local government agencies & officials trying to increase meeting attendance by hosting childcare at their events.

Bottom Line for Portland

Politisit was created to ensure that the cost of childcare would no longer keep parents and caregivers from being part of civic and community discussions, which have a direct impact on them. This past year, our communities have faced incredibly difficult events and political issues, including wildfires, a pandemic and a racial justice movement.  People in the Portland metro area are galvanized, and Politisit is here to ensure parents and caregivers are part of the discussions on how to move forward. 


"I love Politisit because it opens up so many opportunities for moms that might not otherwise be able to be involved in civic engagement.  We live in a time where many mothers are scared and frustrated about the future of our country and what that might mean for their children.  Politisit empowers women to be a positive influence in the areas of our community and politics that matter to them." - Politisit client

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of who we are and what we want to accomplish. At Politisit, we know that having diverse perspectives present for discussions ensures solutions are equitable and inclusive. Our commitment to these values is unwavering and central to our mission and impact. Supporting Politisit ensures our government officials are crafting policies with the perspectives and needs of everyone in mind because more people, lived experiences, and lenses will be at the table.


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