Portland Street Medicine


We provide holistic street-based medical care to people who are homeless, building trust and working together towards health and healing.

Bottom Line for Portland

As the only provider of street medicine in Portland, our collaborative teams of doctors, nurses, care coordinators and peers bring health care and survival resources directly to people living outside, where and when they need it most. In 2023 we’ll make over 6,000 care engagements with the houseless community, from simple blood pressure checks to mobile ultrasound care, from vaccination clinics to HIV testing, we’ll be out on the streets providing lifesaving care to our houseless neighbors. 


Core to our care model is the understanding that there is knowledge and wisdom that comes from lived experience. We are always learning from our community members who have lived experiences of homelessness, substance use disorder, and medical trauma.  

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At PSM, we work at the intersection of health care and homelessness where white supremacy and profit-driven health and housing markets have harmed BIPOC communities for generations. Today we are critically challenging how racism, poverty, ableism and other oppressions function in medical and social service institutions, systems and patient-provider relationships. Practicing street medicine means reimagining what care can look like and holding one another accountable to co-creating a community where everyone experiences dignity, safety, belonging and justice.


Our equity work involves providing resources and trainings for staff and volunteers aimed at growing their knowledge and awareness to identify, name and interrupt harmful actions and dynamics related to racism, oppression and power. This year we are committed to building accountability across the organization, listening and learning from people’s lived experiences. 


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