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Portland Urban Beekeepers is an organization of beekeepers that provides community, advocacy, and education for those interested in raising honey bees and supporting their presence in the environment.

Bottom Line for Portland

Beekeeping and Portland Urban Beekeepers are essential to the Portland metro area as honeybees and native pollinators play a critical role in our ecosystem and food production. Beekeeping provides a unique opportunity for individuals to connect with nature and learn about the important role that bees play. By engaging with the community through our working apiary, workshops, educational events, and advocacy, we are able to share our passion for bees and inspire others to take action to protect these important creatures.


"Bees bring hope and healing to Blanchet Farm thanks to beekeeper and PUB member Katy Fackler. She believes that learning new skills, being present in nature, and doing meaningful work are core reset and recovery tools for all of us.” - Blanchet House

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

PUB believes that diversity, equity, and inclusion are critical to creating a sustainable and thriving beekeeping community. We rely on a wide range of opinions on how to raise and care for bees, ensuring that all voices are heard, and that it's a safe and welcoming place for people to express themselves, learn, and be curious. We offer scholarships to our beekeeping school for marginalized communities to ensure that everyone has access to education, regardless of their financial or living situation. We actively seek out and promote beekeeping resources in a variety of ways to ensure there are no  barriers to prevent anyone from participating. 


A $20+ donation  - PUB sticker

A $100+ donation  - PUB sticker and a free 1-year membership to PUB

During “Animal Week”, donate $100 and each day 5 lucky donors will receive an 8oz jar of local honey from a PUB beekeeper (plus a sticker and PUB membership!)

On Big Give Days, donate $250 or more and five lucky donors will be selected for a unique apiary experience at PUB's club apiary. 


https://www.bellabeek.com/ Bella Beek is the company of a local beekeeper extraordinaire, Mandy Shaw. She makes beautiful beekeeping veils, protective clothing and other supplies and is the producer of the podcast “Beekeeper Confidential”!


https://blanchethouse.org/ Blanchet House offers food, shelter, and aid to all those in need of a safe place to be nourished and restored. Blanchet House Farm and PUB have partnered for several to support beekeeping as a restorative and recuperative program. 

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Year Founded: 2014

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They're a micro-sized organization with activities in Clackamas Co., Multnomah Co. and Washington Co.

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