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For many families, homeownership represents the American Dream and how most households build wealth. But generations of families with low incomes and a disproportionate number of Households of Color have been locked out of homeownership.  Proud Ground is working to change that by unlocking homeownership for all who believed this dream was out of reach.  These intentional efforts have helped over 400 families become first-time homeowners and maintain affordable homes for future generations.

Bottom Line for Portland

As core neighborhoods continue to appreciate, households with lower incomes are often priced out of their communities. This year, it has become even more clear that there is a critical need for homeownership to create a sense of stability, security and community—especially for families who have historically been displaced and excluded from wealth-building opportunities. Proud Ground is asking for your support now to help break the generational cycle of poverty and expand permanently affordable housing opportunities in our community.


“Never give up! As a single mom with three kids on a limited income, a lot of people told me I’d never owned my own home. But they were wrong! The best part is that my new house payment is less than I paid for rent.” -Proud Ground homeowner

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Proud Ground recognizes the inequities that persist in our communities, as gentrification continues to impact traditionally diverse neighborhoods, displacing lower income families and a disproportionate number of households of color. With a focus on populations facing or at risk of displacement, Proud Ground is dedicated to creating programmatic strategies and internal policies that break down barriers for its target populations to access affordable homeownership opportunities.


Grand Union Real Estate will be matching every donation up to $500 until the end of November

Laurelwood Brewing Co  will raffle off one $50 gift card weekly during the month of December 

Business Partner(s)

Grand Union Real Estate is a community-based & values-driven real estate services business.

Laurelwood Brewing Co is a family-owned business that was founded in 2001 and is known as one of the best brewpubs in Portland.


$28,297 raised of $20,000 goal
193 donations
141% of Goal


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Year Founded: 1999

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