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Proud Ground envisions a livable, equitable and economically viable community where every family has access to affordable homes in the community of their choice, generation after generation. That’s why Proud Ground has created over 400 permanently affordable homeownership opportunities for first-time homebuyers throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Bottom Line for Portland

As core neighborhoods continue to appreciate, households with lower incomes are often priced out of their communities. This year, it has become even more clear that there is a critical need for homeownership to create a sense of stability, security and community—especially for families who have historically been displaced and excluded from wealth-building opportunities. Proud Ground is asking for your support now to help break the generational cycle of poverty and expand permanently affordable housing opportunities in our community.


“Not only has my home provided me with a sense of security, joy and pride but it also helped me realize that I can achieve my goals. Now that I have accomplished this one, I plan to grow a community garden, save for my children’s education, and continue to look for other possibilities to invest and acquire more assets." — Proud Ground homeowner

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Proud Ground recognizes the inequities that persist in our communities, as gentrification continues to impact traditionally diverse neighborhoods, displacing lower income families and a disproportionate number of households of color. With a focus on populations facing or at risk of displacement, Proud Ground is dedicated to creating programmatic strategies and internal policies that break down barriers for its target populations to access affordable homeownership opportunities.

$32,715 raised of $20,000 goal
157 donations
164% of Goal


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Year Founded: 1999

Tax ID: 93-1290320

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