Rahab's Sisters

BIPOC-Led Organization


Rahab's Sisters builds community through radical hospitality with women and gender-diverse individuals marginalized by houselessness, poverty, sex work, violence and substance use.

Bottom Line for Portland

When the talk is all about solutions and systems, people often get left behind and forgotten. For over 19 years, Rahab's Sisters has consistently been a community where one's humanity, dignity, and worth are front and center. We support the most marginalized by meeting each person where they are. Whether dining restaurant-style on homemade meals, shopping for clothes and supplies at the weekly boutique, sharing common struggles in support group, connecting with other Guests like old friends, or navigating through community resources - Rahab's Sisters does it with radical hospitality. No strings attached. Our continuing collaboration with organization such as Equi Institute, NAYA, JOHS, Street Books, Period, and Our Streets PDX, help extend our reach and develop deeper ties to the community.


After unwrapping her sandwich, a Guest looked at a volunteer with tears in her eyes and said “there’s lettuce in here, I never get lettuce!” This goes to show just how impactful those little touches are for a community who almost never has access to healthy and nourishing choices. For this Guest, just having lettuce in her sandwich communicated a level of intentionality and care that she did not experience at other service providers.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Rahab’s Sisters recognizes that poverty, violence, and houselessness disproportionately impact people of color, LGBTQIA+ people, and women. We acknowledge the impacts of structural racism on our Guests’ lives and our own and actively work to dismantle racism and other forms of systemic oppression through our hiring practices, program design, and delivery. In our work, we aim to abate the common patriarchal white-centric assumptions harmful to our unique community.


East Glisan Pizza Lounge is a longtime partner of Rahab's Sisters, providing meals that support both our weekly outreach and onsite services, in addition to their tremendous G!G support. 

Portland Center Stage is generously hosting “Solidarity Soiree”, our joint fundraising event with Equi Institute and Portland People’s Outreach Project on December 2nd.


$15,985 raised of $15,000 goal
167 donations
107% of Goal


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Year Founded: 2003

Tax ID: 261675500

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They're a small-sized organization with activities in Multnomah Co.

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