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ReBuilding Center is a climate justice organization on a mission to make reuse and repair accessible to all as a means to reduce waste, end overconsumption, and empower homeowners and renters by ensuring access to affordable reclaimed home improvement materials, reuse education, and repair skills. 

Bottom Line for Portland

Since 1997, ReBuilding Center has moved countless tons of useful building materials and home goods out of the waste stream and taught thousands in our community to repair their homes and think creatively about reuse. Now, we are focusing on the needs to people most at risk of losing their homes and most vulnerable to the ravages of environmental disaster. We are still that funky fabulous treasure trove of architectural gems and odds and ends, just with an eye toward removing barriers to access and building up programs to provide free home-repair materials and education to those who could use them most and afford them least.


"I enjoy volunteering at RBC because their mission is closely aligned with my own: to reduce waste and be kinder to the planet; to reuse materials creatively; and to invest my time, talents, and resources in the local community." - Pamela Consear

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

By making reuse an inclusive practice and doing our work in ways that center Black experiences, we empower historically marginalized populations to repair and remain in their homes while keeping tons of material out of the landfills that are typically located in their communities.


Donate $25 and receive $5 off a purchase of $20 or more at Mama & Hapa's Zero Waste Shop

Donate $50 and receive a reusable silicon bag from Mama & Hapa's Zero Waste Shop.

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Mama & Hapa's, our friendly neighborhood zero waste shop, raising up reuse together.

$15,359 raised of $15,000 goal
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Year Founded: 1997

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