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We are a nonprofit devoted to reducing waste and promoting creative reuse in our community. Creative reuse – reclaiming and reimagining – is at the heart of all we do.

Bottom Line for Portland

By making a gift to ReClaim It, you are supporting an ever-evolving movement where Portland's creative minds come together to breathe new life into what has been discarded. As the sole force reclaiming items from the Metro Central Transfer Station – a.k.a., the dump – we've saved over 800,000 pounds of reusable materials since 2014, and we collaborate with our partners to promote reuse and repair, reflecting the essence of Give!Guide's call for a more connected and compassionate community. Through our retail store, art and reuse events, and recycling education, we're shaping a future where waste becomes opportunity – and where every act of reimagining sparks a more vibrant Portland metro area.


“We’ve had a number of people say that ReClaim It has saved their lives. And I think it saved their lives because they found a real purpose that was both immediate—what they could do during the day—and which had an impact on the bigger world. They found a community, and it’s quite a remarkable group of people.” 
– Jane Comerford, Board Member

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are at the core of ReClaim It's commitment to building a strong and just community. We actively foster an environment where every voice is valued, and we're dedicated to ensuring that our workplace and programs champion diversity, provide equal opportunities, and uphold the dignity of all individuals. Through partnerships, education, and outreach, we're working to create a community that celebrates differences and empowers every member to thrive.


Donors who give $25+ will get a 10% off coupon for ReClaim It AND a 10% off coupon for The Estate Store.


First 5 donors who give $100+ will get a Creative Reuse Starter Kit from ReBuilding Center.

First 3 donors who give $250+ will receive an exclusive 1-hour design consultation with Grounded Design Build, where you can tackle any design challenge with expert guidance.

First 5 donors who give $500+ will get a spot in a 'Make a Cutting Board' custom woodworking class by Grounded Design Build, where you can craft your own cutting board with reclaimed wood.


Community Warehouse is ReClaim It’s partner, with Metro, in the Gresham Community Warehouse + donation center at 819 SE 202nd Ave, 97233.

Grounded Design Build offers custom furniture, metal, woodworking, and design services rooted in sustainability and is offering ReClaim It’s Give!Guide donors custom woodworking classes and consultations where they’ll help you tackle any design challenge.

ReBuilding Center promotes affordable reuse and repair of reclaimed materials and hands-on classes, fostering community resilience, and is offering creative reuse starter kits to our Give!Guide donors.

Rerun, another reuse store fostering sustainability in our community, is showing their support by featuring our partnership on their website.

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Year Founded: 2014

Tax ID: 16-1774114


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They're a little-sized organization with activities in Multnomah Co.

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