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Red Lodge Transition Services is a culturally specific 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to prevent and reduce incarceration and recidivism among Native Americans.  Women make up 80% of our case management.  Pre-COVID-19 Red Lodge was serving 13 out of 14 state prisons and two jails with culturally specific behavioral health and Native American spiritual programming.  We continue to do our best to maintain connection  with our prisons through the mail, or through virtual programming. Last year we sent 480 Adults in Custody (AIC) who participate in Native American Services, personalized hand written holiday cards, through a coordinated volunteer effort.  For some of the AIC it was the only card they received. Red Lodge calendars were sent to everyone in custody on our holiday card list. Native themed coloring books, Native American meditation books and 12 step Wellbriety programming curriculum was also purchased and sent into various prisons.  We will continue to do what we can to support our Brothers and Sisters behind the Iron Doors! 

Bottom Line for Portland

In 2017, Red Lodge was awarded a Community Development Block Grant through Clackamas County for purchase of a house that would function as a culturally specific transition center for women.   The center provides a safe, clean and sober home for women coming from treatment centers, jails and prisons. 

The house can accommodate up to 6 women and one house manager.  The home site is on 2.5 acres filled with trees, bunnies and deer.  It is located in a peaceful rural environment, providing a holistic approach to reentry.  Red Lodge is seeking donations specific to paying off the remainder of our property loan ($210, 000). Paying off our mortgage will save us thousands of dollars per year in interest charges.  Paying off our mortgage will allow us to grow our capacity.  More capacity means more services for all our clients!  

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Red Lodge's Executive Director sits on the Leadership for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (LEDIC) for Clackamas County. Red Lodge is actively involved in several committees working on justice reform and reinvestment in communities of color. Red Lodge is currently working with Clackamas County leadership to help develop a Land Acknowledgement statement, as well as a more meaningful relationship with minority and marginalized populations within Clackamas County.


Our goal is to raise $30,000 through the Give!Guide campaign, with every dollar going toward the transition center mortgage.  We realize it will take numerous fund raisers to complete our goal-  Red Lodge is up to the challenge!  For every donation we receive, a gift showing our gratitude will be sent out through Friends of Red Lodge. 

Here is what we have to offer:  

• Red Lodge button and thank you card:  $5 to $19 donation

• 2022 calendar, Red Lodge button and thank you card:  $20 to $50 donation

• 2022 calendar, Red Lodge button thank you card and 5”x7” matted print of your choice:  $51 to $100

• 2022 calendar, Red Lodge button, thank you card and large format print of your choice:  $101 to $500

• 2022 calendar, Red Lodge button, thank you card, large format print and  two sets of Red Lodge Cards $501 to $1,000

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