Self Enhancement, Inc.

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Self Enhancement, Inc. is dedicated to guiding underserved youth to realize their full potential. Working with schools, families, and community partners, SEI provides support, guidance, and opportunities to achieve personal and academic success. SEI brings hope to individual young people and enhances the quality of community life.

Bottom Line for Portland

SEI is Oregon’s largest African American-led multi-service agency, serving 17,000 participants each year through our continuum of services. SEI has deep connections to the community and a proven track record, with 98% of students graduating high school and 85% enrolling in post-secondary education. Committed to helping youth and families realize their full potential, SEI believes that every child has a gift and that it is our shared responsibility to expand learning opportunities and teach every child that “Life Has Options." 


“Walking through SEI’s doors enlightened me. I was exposed to excellence as I saw people of color walking in their purpose and excelling in a way that I had never seen before. This exposure was so monumental for me because I saw myself in them. From that moment I knew, I could choose what being a young Black woman in this world meant.” 

  • - SEI Student

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

SEI is a comprehensive, one-stop resource for African American youth and families and others seeking culturally responsive services. SEI’s work centers and amplifies the diverse voices, talents, and aspirations of students, families, and individuals as decision makers in their lives, neighborhoods, schools, and the wider community. 


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Year Founded: 1981

Tax ID: 931086629

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