Sexual Assault Resource Center


Our mission is to promote social justice by eliminating sexual violence in our community through education, support, and advocacy. 

Bottom Line for Portland

We believe that sexual violence is preventable through a comprehensive, social justice-centered approach that addresses the immediate needs of people impacted by sexual violence, on-going trauma-informed support approaches towards healing and thriving, and by addressing oppressions at the root of sexual violence through prevention education and social norms strategies. 

Our primary services include 24-hour phone support staffed by certified, confidential advocates, on-going support and connection to resources through case management advocacy, in-person and confidential crisis response advocacy, short-and-long term individual and groups therapy, as well as implementing primary prevention strategies through community education and social norms approaches to dismantle harmful norms and systems that support oppression and gender-based violence. 

We serve communities in the Portland metro area, including Washington and Multnomah Counties. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

SARC recognizes that sexual assault can and does happen to anyone, however, members of historically marginalized and oppressed communities are more likely to be affected by sexual violence, and to experience barriers to accessing services. Therefore, we intentionally explore the organization’s position in a culture impacted by white supremacy to ensure that our approach is ever-changing and flexible to lift up social equity and authentic access to resources, especially for communities often farthest from those resources. 

We hold three core values of our service provision that call us to prioritize equity, diversity, and inclusion in all of the work with which we engage: 1) Trauma-Informed Practice, 2) Racial and Social Justice, and 3) Accessibility. These values guide the work of the organization. 

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