The Cupcake Girls


The Cupcake Girls provides agenda-free community education, case management, holistic resources, and referral services for sex trafficking prevention and aftercare, and to those involved in the adult entertainment industry.

Bottom Line for Portland

As a non-religious, agenda-free nonprofit located in Portland, OR, The Cupcake Girls works with both survivors of sex trafficking and consensual sex workers to facilitate resource access and distribution for one of the most historically underserved and underrepresented communities in our county. Our clients experience multiple intersectionalities of oppression, including but not limited to race-based violence, gender oppression, rampant misinformation and stigma about the sex industry, mental health and physical health challenges, food and housing insecurity, and more. The stigma placed on sex workers creates considerable barriers for reporting victimization and gaining access to health and societal resources such as physical, mental, and emotional care. It is even more challenging for those being trafficked. 


In 2020, The Cupcake Girls had 41,000 interactions with individuals seeking assistance and worked with 759 clients in our Direct Care programs. January through March 2021, we have worked with 225 clients and have had 5,483 interactions (check-ins, phone calls, emails, etc.), facilitating access to 626 food scarcity resources, 110 mental health counselors and therapists, and over $4,000 in direct financial support. Supporting The Cupcake Girls means putting funds and resources back into the hands of some of the most marginalized in our community.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Cupcake Girls recognizes that the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion needs of our organization and our clients are essentially the needs of all people (housing, food security, personal safety, emotional and mental health, etc.). Taking into consideration intersectionality and historic/systemic oppression, our approach values every person as unique and worthy of respect, relationship, and access to the resources they have self-elected and chosen for their own safety and success. The Cupcake Girls is committed to greater learning around how to be a truly anti-racist and equity driven organization, and we recognize we will never be done with this work and will always have room to grow.


Donations of $25 or more will be entered to win a gift bag full of The Cupcake Girls swag. 

Business Partner(s)

GroundUp PDX - we partner with local nonprofits to employ womxn overcoming adversity who have the motivation to work, but lack opportunity for employment. 

Point West Credit Union - we’re working with our community partners to bring financial empowerment to the underserved and needed capital to small businesses.

Rosewood Health Clinic - to us, taking care of your health means taking care of you – with compassion and we treat you the way you want to be treated, regardless of where you live, where you’re from, or what you can pay.

PERIOD. - PERIOD distributes free menstrual products to communities in need. 

Chocolate Milk Diplomacy - we empower and assist underrepresented, underserved, and marginalized communities in getting equitable access to the career development resources their communities need.

Seeking Space Yoga - we are a judgement-free all welcoming studio focused on your health and relaxation through mindfulness and movement with body positivity, gender and ethnic diversity as our baseline of our core existence.

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Year Founded: 2011

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